The Imposter Syndrome: They are Not Better than You

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I didn’t publish my first book.


Well, someone laughed at me, and mocked the fact that I said I wanted to write  before proceeding to deliver the speech that effectively sent my piece into an eternal long vacation in the digital thrash bin.

No need to launch into that hopeless story but in summary here is the speech:

Ene get a life. 😂

The Imposter Syndrome happens to us all…from the millionaire who doesn’t think he deserves that title to the doctor who saves a life and then hides in the operating room to avoid the accolades.

I also turned down my first ever invitation to speak at a TEDx event.


I didn’t think I deserved it.

I thought to myself, “What exactly is special about my writing that would make  a bunch of people to invite me to speak at such an event?”

I was wrong.

Eventually, I took the safer, inoffensive and conventional road a.k.a my comfort zone and gradually ushered myself out of the public eye.

Generally, I’m a behind-the-scenes achiever. I am more comfortable when I make things work without necessarily showing my face. This is why I avoid your video calls. If I can write it, I’d rather type it out than talk it out.

I am uncomfortable in public gatherings; especially those that require having to go through a nerve-grating routines of meet and greet. Can we all just greet from afar please?

Thank you.

The imposter syndrome comes in many forms:

1. It will tell you you’re not better than anyone else.

2. Other times, it will tell you everyone else is better than you.

3. Sometimes it takes you to court to convince you that you’re an introvert (like it’s something you should be proud of).

4. And then it  reduces your confidence in the things you can do.

5. Ultimately, it helps you help yourself shortchange yourself (I hope you understand my sentence).

The imposter syndrome is not your friend. It is your mind’s subconscious  attempt to shield you from the pain of failure and the discomfort of leaving your comfort zone.

Winners show up whether they can do it or not.

Today, what exactly are you going to do about receiving everybody’s accolades except the one meant for you?

In life or death, you’re stuck with just one option: YOU!

The earlier you realize that, the better for all of us that have been waiting for your unveiling.

P.S: You’re not an imposter.

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