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At Black Safaya, there are several ways you can be part of our creative family.


  1. You can become a regular contributor on the blog.
  2. You can apply to become one of our guest bloggers.
  3. Join our writing community on whatsapp  by sending an email to safayawriters@gmaildotcom.


For contributors and guest bloggers, send your email to the editor at blacksafaya@gmaildotcom.



Your article must meet the following requirements before we consider it for publication:
  1. Your article should be in-depth on one particular topic.

  2. Word count for your article should be between 500 – 1000 words.

  3. Your article must be original and plagiarism free.

  4. Poorly written and edited article(s) stand little chance of being published.

  5. Please use short paragraphs for easy reading.

  6. You can add links to other quality websites or to your own website in your article.

  7. Please include a short (2 sentences max) bio and a social media link(s) along with your article.

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