10 Life Hacks For the Black Girl

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Everyone wants to look good with as less fuss as can be avoided. Life hacks help us achieve this easily. As the excellent woman that you are, it is important you have a few tricks up your sleeve that keeps you sophisticated and smelling nice.

I noticed that most online hacks are not only hard to practice especially for black girls but almost unachievable given the nature of ingredients or materials needed to make them possible. So I compiled 10 hacks to help you keep up positive appearance while you save money. Ready?

10 Life Hacks for the Black Girl

1. Dull Silver Rings
Problem: Is your favourite piece of silver jewelry looking like you just dug it up from the ground? Over time metals take on a dull appearance.

Hack: Dip your silver ring in tomato ketchup or paste. Then use a clean piece of clothe to rub around it. Your jewelry will become shinny once again. Ketchup or paste is pretty much cheap in stores.


2. Armpit Sweat Stains
Problem: Every girl knows this one…getting sweat stains on our dress around the armpit region could be annoying especially when you’re out on a date or you suddenly get nervous.

Hack: Strap a piece of panty liner in between your armpit and choice of cloth. Panty liner is most effective as it is unnoticeable and at the same time keeps you comfortable. Just make sure it doesn’t fall off when you lift your hands. A pack of panty liners cost less than a dollar.


3. Armpit Sweat Stains II
If you forgot to fit in a panty liner and end up with those annoying white stains around your armpit area, simply use baby wipes to take the marks off your clothes. Baby wipes also cost less than a dollar.


4. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Problem: As the excellent individual that you are, the state of your toilet speak volumes. Now, if you have roommates or flatmates there is little you can do about general hygiene especially if they are not as particular as you are about keeping important places clean. However if you live alone, this is for you.

Hack: Take a cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar. Pour one cup of baking soda down in the toilet bowl and then, pour down two cups of vinegar. After the bubbling and fizzing, scrub the washroom with toilet brush. Baking soda and vinegar shouldn’t cost more than a dollar.


5. Sparkle the kitchen sink
Problem: Dull kitchen surfaces covered in cooking stains does you no good. However, good old baking soda can save the day.

Hack: Wet the kitchen sink, and scatter baking soda on the sink surface and scrub it and then wash plus rinse it. With the same paste and a soft toothbrush, scrub tap heads and the rims and you are good to go.

6. Smelly Shoes
Problem : Ever got tired of the shoes and you decided to pull them off only to fill up the entire space with a foul smell? You need vinegar. This is my favourite hack for shoes!

Hack: Buy a bottle of white vinegar and a bundle of cotton wool. Before you wear your slip ons, wipe the inside of your shoe and the sole of your feet with vinegar. Put your shoes on and say good riddance to bad smell.

7. Uneven complexion
Problem: Perhaps your hands or face do not match??? Sometimes much exposure to the African sun can damage your skin colour.

Hack: Buy some lemons and ever morning before you take your bath, simple rub in circles around your face, neck and hands. In two weeks, your complexion should be an even tone. I have a large lemon tree opposite my house so I have a fresh supply. Want some?

8. In Sole Dirty Shoes
Problem : You take care of your shoes on the outside but the inside looks like a chimney. Not good.

Hack: Buy some baby wipes...the fragrance keeps the inside smelling nice and the wetness helps wipe off stains on the inside of your shoes.

9. Falling Bra
Problem: If you want to look trendy but your strapless bra keeps you from wearing the cold shoulder or off shoulder dress, this one is for you.

Hack: Simply get a bra strap from another you are not using and horizontally strap it from one end of the bra to the other and you can shake, shake, shake at the wedding party.

10. Dirty Nails
Problem: You are about to go out and notice you’ve got some stains underneath the nails? You tried washing with just soap and water and the dirt still stubbornly clings to your nails. Do not poke at your nails with a sharp object.

Hack: Get a clean piece of cloth and dip in water and add some detergent. Wash for two minute and your nails will come out manicured.

Let me add that you should always have a bottle of vinegar at hand. Not only is vinegar an all purpose cleaning agent, it also disinfects.

That’s all we have for today, if you have some tricks, add to this list and

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