14 Epic Valentine’s Day Mistakes You Are About to Make

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By Ene Elizabeth Adeka

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As you prepare for unofficially the most popular love holiday on this side of the universe, we have compiled the 14 biggest valentine mistakes that could cost you your happiness and peace of mind after the day is over.


Better to be safe than sorry…even with the best of intentions, it is easy to make epic valentine fails. Tiptoe around these embarrassing, regretful and of course painful mistakes and you will wake up just fine on the 15th.


14 Valentine Mistakes You are About to Make

1. Sex with the Ex

You did not break up to remember them with sex and booze on the 14th of February. As cool as the idea sounds, trust me you could ruin your chances at happiness with a serious guy by opting for a roll in the hay with a perfect example of who you should not be found rolling with. Read more here.




Repeat after me: Sex with the Ex keeps the next great guy away!

Same also goes for couples who think the day is all about sex. That’s quite lame you know…


2. Pretending Valentine’s Day does not exist

Yes! You are as serious as a heart attack and Valentine’s Day to you is just another 24 hours we choose to whine about and make an unnecessary fuss out of. However, your partner may be a hopeless romantic and carrying on like the day does not matter is quite insulting.

You don’t have to buy them the world, but you sure can acknowledge their love for you even if you feel like it makes you look totally foolish. Loosen up!


3. Forgetting the Budget

Money matters!

Love is capital intensive Dahlink and buying a solid gold chain for them when your bank balance can only afford a bottle of wine is not only irresponsible of you, it shows how much you don’t believe in being honest with them.

A partner who cannot accept what you have to give on Valentine’s day will make you go bankrupt in marriage. Tweet that!


4. Silence! Please

What did your mother tell you about bringing the phone to the dinner table? As much as your fans on social media want to know what you are up to on valentine’s day, resist the urge to check for notifications every two seconds. Today is all about the love of your life a.k.a Bae or whoever you chose to celebrate the day with.


5. Buying a thoughtless gift

You just met the guy and you are buying  condoms and Viagra as gifts, what exactly is your aim in the next 24 hours?

If the day slipped your mind and you remembered a minute to arriving home, simply admit you did forgot and offer an alternative like a dinner downtown or better still plan how you can make most of the remaining time together.


6. Asking them when they will propose


We all know you were expecting their knees to kiss the ground on Valentine’s day; after all, who wouldn’t want to get engaged on Valentine’s day? But let’s face it, he did not propose and you are disappointed.

Move on and swallow the knot in your throat. Now is not the time to say “I thought you were going to propose today.” Sisterrrrr! Please sip the wine and act like you did not rehearse your facial expressions in preparation for his proposal. This also goes for other uncomfortable topics…


7. Bringing your friends along on a date


How many times do we have to tell you he simply wants to get to know his woman without having to deal with the encumbrances of your loud-mouthed friend?

Except you both planned to spend the day with friends, don’t take a crowd along with you to a private date. It’s not a church service; drop the backup choristers at home.


8. Breaking up on Valentine’s day

Are you kidding me? You had from January 1st to February 14 to prepare your breakup speech…why so wicked? This is unacceptable and highly cruel of you.

It is insensitive, and Valentine’s day will always be a bad memory for the both of you. Please pretend you love them and break up on the 15th.



9. Leaving your manners at home

Just because its Valentine’s Day does not mean you should disgrace the family name. Your momma raised you well and today is the day to show you are the perfect gentleman or the wonderful woman we love.

Say no to bad table manners, indecent or inappropriate dressing and most importantly draining his bank account on your shopping spree.


10. Showing up late

You are not German but you sure should show some respect and love by showing up early. Not only is showing up late a bad way to start off a valentine’s Day date, it shows how rude you are and your inherent lack of regard for their time.


11. Fighting for the bill and resisting romantic gestures

You are strong independent woman who likes to pay her bills…thank you sis but please lean back and allow a man flex his financial muscles in peace.

Yes, you are a strong, independent and focused individual. Thank you, but please take several seats while your partner insists on showing you more than the regular dosage of love you are accustomed to getting.


12. Lying


Lying on valentine’s day or any other day at all will eventually leave you single. Tell them the truth about why you showed up late and the Ex who keeps calling you.


13. Talking about yourself the whole time

Whether it is about the ex who broke up with you or the mean boss who wouldn’t let you have a day’s off to celebrate the day or your new pair of shoes, the world does not revolve round you and your stories alone. Give your partner room to breathe and talk about their day too.


14. Not setting relationship goals

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While this is quite unpopular, remember to set a relationship goal you both should achieve. Don’t just smile, laugh and eat away the time. Invest in the future by talking about ways that can help you both grow better. Read more here

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