22 Things Wise Women in Love Do/ Don’t

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By Ene Elizabeth Adeka

5 mins

While love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, the tendency to lose our head and become a nuisance too often lurk around the corners of our heart and too many times we realize how foolish we may have acted only after the deed has been done.

However, there are wise women in love and to save you from being listed among the foolish ones, here is a list of 21 things wise women in love do.


1. They keep those clothes on

Yes, wise women do not go on a naked spree just to keep the love burning. They know seduction is never the way to go in love.

2. They are not under pressure to be asked out

Wise women know a man is a hunter. They let him do the chase, chill, paint their nails and work on themselves until he makes up his mind. And don’t give me that “Ruth asked Boaz out” look. He’s no Boaz, and your name is not Ruth my darling.

3. They avoid married men like the plague

Did he tell you “I wish I met you before I met my wife?” Well that is exactly what he would have told his wife if he met you first. Run, my darling.

4. They spend time knowing the man

Your favourite Hollywood movie said they got married three days after they met? Well, let’s just say not everyone strikes that kind of luck and we are sure you don’t want to use your marriage to test the infallibility of that proposed theory.

Spend time together, observe your target and kindly discuss things you are not comfortable with.

5. They are not ashamed to apologize

“I AM SORRY” can make the difference between a failed relationship and thriving one. Wise women in love say sorry. Check your partner’s apology language here.

6. They don’t fight family members and friends who oppose the relationship.

As much as they can, they respect the opinion of others even if they end up not implementing them because truth be told, not all family members or friends have a great piece of advice to give.

7. Wise women don’t date or ask a married man to leave his wife for them

Wise women wish married men a happy married life and ask them how the family is faring. They don’t go on vacation with another woman’s husband.

8. Send their nudes to a guy

Wise women know the internet never forgets so before they take a shot of their precious  body and send nudes, they remember the consequences should it get into the wrong hands and choose better ways of communicating.

9. Give a man sex because he promised them marriage.

Wise women know that sex is what it is; a product of chemistry and a cocktail of hormones and not a guarantee they will marry you.Mba! They know “Have sex to prove you love me is a scam.” Wise women will never fall for such scam.

10. They move on when they break up with the ex.

Foolish women stalk their ex on social media after a break up, wise women retreat and find healing off the gram.

11. Engage in cat fights with another girl over a man.

Wise women know that the man worth having will define his stake in their lives and let every threat to the relationship know their place in his life.

12. Have unprotected sex because Mr. Handsome likes it natural.

In the age of STDs and unplanned pregnancies, wise women know that natural is best left for marriage.

13. Gossip about their partner to all their female friends.

Wise women know the difference between seeking advice and gossiping about their partners.

14. Give all their earnings in the name of love to a man who does not want to work and is just plain ass lazy.

15. Avoid a mentor because they insist on pre-marital counseling.

Wise women know mentors can see farther than they can and choose to learn from their mentors instead of their experiences.

16. Ignore the red flags waved by a womanizer, cheat or irresponsible man.

17. Wait for a man to solve their financial troubles.

Wise women work!

18. Get pregnant just to trap a man.

They never become intentional baby mamas just to force a man to marry them.

19. They pray for and encourage their partners.

Wise women in love know that a woman is her man’s greatest fan and they lead the crowd that cheer him to victory always.

20. They know their partner’s love language.

Wise women in love know what makes the man smile and what dampens his feelings. Take the love language test here.

21. They love the people he loves.

Wise women love the people who matter most to their man with great respect and courtesy.

22. They are not afraid to leave.

Wise women in love do not stay indefinitely in a relationship that is headed nowhere.

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