30 Things You and Your Squad Should Do Before You Turn 30

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Ene Elizabeth Adeka

Today is tools day and I was supposed to continue the article on 15 Important Apps You Should Have on Your Phone. You can check out the first six apps here. However, I realized that there is no use talking about online productivity if we haven’t first learnt how to manage our lives offline. Offline is where life is real and until you have learnt to master yourself when the data is off and all social media accounts are in hibernation mode, productivity or the chance at living a meaningful life will elude you.



If you are a regular reader on Black Safaya, you will know that we basically structure our posts around the five areas of your life that matter most. If however, you just joined us, don’t panic; below are the most important areas of your life:

  1. Spirituality (meditation, religious belief, convictions and life creed).


  1. Mind (mindset, paradigms, and perspectives, school of thoughts, mentality and overall mental health).


  1. Health (doctor’s report, regular exercise, nutrition, self-care, nutrition, and dieting).


  1. Relationships (love, sexual, platonic, mutual, friendships, etc.).


  1. Finances (savings, investments, financial intelligence, financial independence, debts, retirement, etc.)


Everyone looks forward to their 16th birthday with happiness and childish enthusiasm…however, 30 is met with unhappy faces, grimaces, fears and uncertainties. Yours can be different if only you can begin to incorporate the things I will talk about next. This is not some crazy list you are used to skimming through on the internet. This is your life summarized and if I were you, I’d grab a chair, notebook and get down to setting my life in order!


3o Things to Do Before You Turn 30

If you are 29 almost 30, there is no need to feel sorry for yourself especially if you realize you haven’t ticked off these to-do list. It is never too late to turn your life around for good. If however, you are yet to see 30 on the horizon, then make the most of the next few years of your life by learning to do these things until they become a part of you. Are you ready???


No. 1: Spirituality

Invest in your spirituality. Learn the art of meditation, find out why you believe the things you belief and know God for yourself. Read books that extensively teach on the major tenets of your religion and regularly practice the pillars of your faith.

No. 2: Clarity

Know what you want from life. Don’t wake up and blindly walk into the day without some goal or idea of where you ultimately want to end up. If for example, your goal is to set up a business by the end of the year, you have no business travelling around the world except if of course; it advances your goal of setting a business.

No.3: Relationships

Know what you want from your relationships. You are approaching 30 for heaven’s sake! This is not the time to roll with every Dick, Tom and Harry; Sally, Helena and Rhoda. Know what you want from a guy and be unashamedly committed to seeking and identifying with them. If your aim is to get married or enter into a serious relationship by 30, you have no business club hopping or behaving like your teenage self. YOU ARE NOW A WOMAN; ACT LIKE ONE, THINK LIKE ONE!

No. 4: Get Financial Intelligence

It should be unheard of that you celebrate your 30th birthday without an idea of how money comes or goes. Get financial education, there are a number of options you can settle for. Check out our article on finances here, read books, Google “Financial intelligence” or download our e- book on “Things You Should Know”. Also, you can download our No. 1 Recommended Book on Financial Intelligence: The Smart Money Woman. It is simple, easy to read and totally applicable no matter your financial status.

No. 5: Reading Culture

I learnt how to read at a very early age. By the time I was eight, I was reading books that were beyond the reach of my peers. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have a wide range of vocabulary to choose from. However, my reading culture took another turn when I started following Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Follow him here . We are talking about one of the richest men in the world still finding time to read…your bank account is waving a red flag, what’s your excuse? My greatest read of last year was “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

No. 6: Financial Independence

I’ll leave you to look up financial independence and choose the definition that best works for you. However, as you get financially educated, remember to not spend or squander your money on meaningless acquisitions. Save no matter how small. There are a number of saving platforms you can use; I sometimes use the Diamond Bank Esusu.  However with the inflation rates and instability of the financial markets, it is best you speak with an expert before you begin to save. Better still, you can do it the old fashion way, get a piggy bank and start saving!

No. 7: Forgive Yourself

You may have perhaps made some “unforgivable” mistakes in the past. Let it go! Nothing limits a person more like meditating on past failures. There is no use crying over spilled milk. If we were to all have a Ted Talk on our failures, you’d be surprised how low yours rank. Move on and move well!


No. 8: Get Organized

Say no to clutter, scattered living spaces, dirty laundry and total disregard for cleanliness. Invest in storage boxes, bags and laundry baskets. Also, download apps that help you keep track of your life and activities. Check out our article on apps that help productivity here. Schedule times for laundry, cleaning out clutter and regularly evaluate your living spaces. You now an adult, behave like one!


No. 9: Learn to Cook

Forget the meaningless talk making waves around town on the need to focus on better things other than spending time in the kitchen. I honestly see no reason why you should leave something as important as nourishing your body in the hands of another. Admittedly, you may not be the greatest chef or even have time to always cook for yourself. However, it is a skill, one you should be proud to show off.

No. 10: Time Management

This is how I best summarize time management, “You are not spending time, you are spending irrecoverable minutes of your life.” A popular quote says, “The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot.”  Never spend too much time on anyone or anything that is not directly tied to your life’s pursuits.

No. 11: Deal with Habits

Break out of the cycle of habits slowly killing you. From smoking, to drinking, to excessive partying and other deadly addictions, it is time to prepare for the future. And how do you prepare for it? By not trying to kill yourself before it arrives.


No. 12: Invest in your Body

Exercise, eat good food and start looking at the ingredients that make up what you rub on that body of yours. Go easy on the makeup, exfoliate and use sunscreen if you can afford it. Take note of expiration dates too!

No. 13: Networking

Business and living in this age has been so revolutionized that it is impossible for anyone to be an island in business or any relationship as a matter of fact. Learn the power of communities and begin to deliberately sift your relationships. Opt for the most productive, motivating and educating groups and leverage on the people you will meet there to grow yourself and your business.

No. 14: Learn to Stay Alone

It is time to sit with yourself, learn how to be live alone. You won’t always have friends or family around you. You must learn how to have life changing conversations with yourself, travel alone and be content with being just all by yourself. Stop looking for entertainment in people and things when what you need is grow up and be confident.


No. 15: Mentorship

If you have been your own judge and jury, you need help. Your mentor is not your friend; your mentor is someone who is currently living the life you desire. Contact them, seek guidance and counseling from them and willfully submit yourself under their teachings.


No.16: Find and Monetize Your Value

Find something you are really good at, master it, find a problem it can solve, market the problem and then sell them your solutions. Mine is writing, and I do so by developing written content for clients. Click here to connect with me.

No. 17: Learn to Drive

Yes! Even if you do not own a car, learn how to drive one. I started learning how to drive last year and although I am still far from becoming an expert, the most important thing is I killed my fear of driving. I am still working on my fear of heights.


No.  18: Find Your BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Your life should not exactly be an open book…not every detail of your life should be online for all and sundry to see, comment and dissect. If you are in a relationship, I suggest that your BFF should be the one you have pledged your heart too.  However, since this may not always be the case, you can minimize who you let into your life. Sincerely, not everyone you tell the colour of your panties is really interested in knowing whether you are wearing one or not.

No. 19: DIY

Learn some “do it yourself tips.” I see a lot of articles on dating a handyman but very few of them emphasize on the need to be a handywoman. Yes, you can learn to fix your car or your drainages too. Go on YouTube and learn some life saving tips girl!

No. 20: Stop Being a Gossip

You have everyone’s history at your fingertips…put your skill to good use. Open a blog or write for some magazine instead of calling for a house party and slandering every life you have been privileged to have a glimpse of. Shed love and not gossip abroad.


No. 21: Learn to Forgive

Stop holding grudges. And I am not even talking to you at this point. I am reminding myself that “if it won’t matter in the next five years; don’t spend five minutes beating yourself up over it.”


No. 22: Fall in Love with Your Body

No matter how hard you pull that nose or the volume of breast enhancement cream you rub on your chest, babe it is not going to work.  There was actually a time when I was the tallest girl in my class and I honestly wanted to grow shorter just so I could fit in. Now, I even want to grow taller and I am 5ft.8’ already! How about those who have body parts in excess? My advice? Find a way to look good by wearing what looks good on you and let the rumours fly baby.

No. 23: Take Your Business Seriously and Build Your Brand

Invest in business tools, seminars and mentorship that can take you the next level in your business.


No. 24: Learn How to Not Get Into Debt

This is one area of my life I have successfully mastered! As much as you can, learn to stay away from credit cards, loans and buying things you can do without on credit. Take a notebook and pen, write down all the things you have bought on credit and ask yourself if you really need them. Now, ask yourself if you still want to have this same conversation with yourself when you are fifty. If you cannot afford it yet, you can find a cheaper alternative.


No. 25: Travel

You were born in the same environment, lived on the same street, attended the same school and now you are about to turn 30 in the same place you have celebrated all your previous birthday. You don’t get exposure by sitting in the same place. I am not asking you to globetrot; however, you can see the world and learn from the screen of your laptop.

No. 26: Give

Learn to give out things you no longer use or have need of. Giving is an art that helps you feel light and happy. Find a way to always give out stuff.


No. 27: Sexual Health

This is not the age you should be found moving from one bed to another, having multiple sexual partners or totally nonchalant towards the reality of STDs or the damaging consequences of not taming your sexuality.

No. 28: Stay in Touch

Learn to communicate with your loved ones and keep in touch.

No. 29: Know Thyself            

Know what you own and why you own what you own.  Starting with yourself, take charge of your life; learn maintenance and how to take care of the things you own.


No. 30: Live With No Regrets

Strive for fulfillment, discover purpose and chase it.

So, this is where our list ends. If you have questions or contributions, do hit the comment box. Until I come your way next week, faya on!

Pictures via pexel


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