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5 Beauty Truths for the African Woman

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By Ene Adeka



From the grasslands of South Africa to the exotic paradises located in Kenya and Nigeria, our black skin stands us out like the Iroko tree in the midst of shrubs. Having a dark skin means you would first have to accept that you are no Marilyn Monroe….take a deep breath and say after me,” I AM BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL”!

Did you feel that twinkle in your heart? That’s acceptance girl! Having a dark skin tone also means you have to abide by a different set of makeup rules from those that pale skinned girls follow. An advantage of having dark skin is you can use different shades of makeup to make the best of your dark ebony complexion and mahogany smooth skin. Here are ten of Safaya’s beauty and makeup tips for you gorgeous.

1.Try sunscreen

Whether you are from Ghana, Kenya, Nairobi or Nigeria, the sun is still blazingly hot everywhere in Africa, and amazingly, the women who need sunscreen the most hardly ever apply it on their face. Never allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that simply because you have a dark skin, the sun will not wreak havoc on your skin.  Just because you don’t burn as easily as a fair skinned woman does not mean the ageing process will be slowed down on your behalf. Always “sunscreen” your face madam, the African sun is evil trust me.

  1. Choose your foundation carefully

If you have attended a function or public event and the woman seated next to you happened to break this rule, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When your hands look alien from your face and neck, you know it’s a “ghen ghen” makeup disaster. Any good makeup should COMPLIMENT your natural complexion. NEVER,

  • buy a foundation that is lighter than your natural skin colour. Please!
  • always test the chosen shade on your forehead, a spot above your jaw or the back of your hand.
  • Go for liquid foundation as it won’t look matte.
  1. Mind the lipstick

Nothing ruins my day like a mouth that reminds me of the riot of colours always observed in a Brazilian carnival. A general rule for applying lipstick is to pick the darker shades of lipstick to complement your skin tone. Avoid colours that make you look like the traffic lights and don’t polish your mouth with the gloss. Go for colours like berry, plum, burgundy, beige and coffee shades. Admittedly, you can decide to be crazy every now and apply something bold and beautiful.

  1. Go easy on the powder

If you dab your face like twenty times before you leave for that date, say “Aye”! Your dark sin is beautiful so don’t apply too much powder. Let’s be sincere…this is Africa. If push does not get to shove where you are headed, you will eventually sweat. You do not want to arrive at your destination looking like an unfinished painting, do you? Save yourself the embarrassment and go easy with the powder.

  1. Exfoliate!

We love to take care of our nails and hair, but we hate to get rid of the dead cells seated right on our faces. Frankly speaking, some of us don’t even care. But, you are a woman dearie…you have to exfoliate. It helps bring back the natural colour of your skin, clean out clogged pores and control the oil. Try out a mixture of olive oil and sugar, gently rub the mixture on your face in circles and glow your way to greatness.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the girls glow??? Well….an idea shared is knowledge gained. Hit the comment button!

Faya on girl!

Ene Elizabeth Adeka is a freelance writer and editor. Follow her on twitter @Eneric24

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