7 Ways to Inspire Your Partner

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By Iyinoluwa Oludiya

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has a vision. But then again everyone needs some form of support and encouragement once in a while, and getting this from the one you love is priceless. There are many ways to inspire your partner as this boosts their confidence and self-esteem even more. You can’t be a partner to someone and just sit and watch that person struggle through everything on their own.

A relationship is meant to be symbiotic and mutually beneficial to those involved. You have to add value to each other. You’re a team and you need to show it. Because we love you and want to see you achieve success in your relationship, Black Safaya is bringing you the good news: seven ways to inspire your partner. If you have been doing these, we salute you! If you haven’t been inspired to be a source of motivation to your partner, receive inspiration!


Here are 7 ways you can be that inspiration your partner needs today

1. Catch the Vision: If you don’t believe in their vision you won’t be able to put your all into making it work. If you don’t believe in your partner’s vision, then there’s no way on this planet earth that you can ever inspire them.

You will constantly be giving out bad vibes and trying to discourage that person with your words and actions. So, you need to understand what their goals are and believe that they can achieve them.

2.Get Involved: So now you have caught the vision and you understand how important it is to your partner, the next step is to get involved. Help your partner develop strategies to achieve these goals. Don’t just sit back and watch them struggle through the stages leading to implementing the vision, put your hands in it too and get to work.

They say two heads are better than one and here’s your chance to test that theory. Everyone appreciates a little bit of help here and there once it’s done in the right way. Be a part of the planning process, it could even be as little as assisting with previewing their business plan.


3. Encourage: After developing strategies to help, don’t just sit back and dust your hands with a satisfied smirk on your face but begin to encourage. Everyone, no matter who they are need some sort of encouragement once in a while. This tongue we use for so many things can also be used to encourage.

Yes love; your words can sometimes be all your partner needs to keep going. It’s not enough to just talk about your dreams and goals with your partner; you also need to root for the person with your words all the way through. Don’t only encourage when there are setbacks, you are not a painkiller. Even on the good days, your partner needs your encouragement. It will make them feel appreciated and strive to do even better.


4. Be Supportive: Actions speak louder than words, they say, so your actions have to back up your words. Be there when your partner needs someone to get an opinion from or to do something for them or just someone to be there for them. Contribute your skills to help your partner achieve their goals.

This doesn’t mean you should be all up in their face or suffocate them with care; sometimes the best way you can help is to back off and let them have some space. Support with your time (when they need you) and support with space (when they need to be alone).

If there is a skill you have that would help them achieve their goals, then make effort to contribute it to their journey to success. If they advertise what they do on social media, make sure to like their posts and share them if possible. It boosts confidence and motivates them to not let you down by failing.


5. Follow their Progress: After you’ve encouraged and offered help, you need to follow the progress of your special someone. Find out how far they have gone with achieving their long and short term goals.


Find out the challenges and setbacks they face on the way. Find out about the little victories and how they are doing generally. Ask questions but not in an overly pushy or forward way so it doesn’t feel like you’re suffocating them.


6. Pray for and With Them: Someone once said “If you love someone, pray for them.” Prayers can never be overrated. It’ll surprise you how much easier things can be when you pray about them. Use prayers to lift your partner up and to help find direction for them.  The benefits of prayers are way too many for you to leave it out of your ‘inspiring your partner’ journey.



7. Celebrate All Victories: Finally, celebrate ALL victories. There are small victories and there are big victories. People are so used to celebrating just the big victories that they forget all about the small ones that led to those big ones. Celebrating the small victories along the way helps to ease stress and give your partner a little boost.

The same way you celebrate when they win a big sponsorship is also the same way you should celebrate when they find new inspiration on how to add value to what they do, no matter how small it may seem.




Sharing is caringachieving a dream or vision is never an easy task but it is made so much easier when there are people who support and root for you all along the way. Be the first source of motivation to your partner today!

Faya on!

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