A Powerful Guide to Better Communication: Number 3 is Important!

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Silence is the best answer for a fool but is your partner a fool? People say opposites attract and that’s why you would see two people with extremely different temperance in a relationship. No matter how different your temperance may be, honest communication between partners is something that should be highly valued. When that is missing, you could spend 2 years of your life with someone only to wake up one morning to the harsh reality that he never wanted you in the first place.

1. Communicate honestly

If you’re in a relationship with someone, you both need to be honest with each other and express how you truly feel regarding certain things. After the honeymoon phase of any relationship, give or take between two to three months, you’d begin to notice some things that eluded you before. It could be as petty as his left ear being bigger than the right, or as serious as him disagreeing with everything you say just because he can.


2. Communicate your mind

Learn to talk! Lack of communication is the soil in which doubt thrives. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no matter how deeply connected you are, even if you complete each other’s sentences half-way, your partner CANNOT read your mind. Some know this, while some learn the hard way.

If you don’t vocalize your thoughts, your partner knows nothing about what is on your mind. Some of us literally live inside our heads, so much so that people think we’re depressed when we are actually having fun in our minds. This may do more harm than good because you could be apart when you’re together.


  1. Communicate your grievances and desire to know them better

Being together goes beyond hanging out or spending time together; you could spend hours next to each other and still know zilch about what your partner is thinking if you two do not talk. You will notice that you feel closer when you talk more, even when you are not in the same place.

So, it’s not necessarily about spending time together, it’s about talking and not leaving issues unresolved, because the thing about unresolved grudges is that you remember them at the slightest provocation. That is why you overreact to something which was supposedly a small thing, because you can’t suppress a grudge for too long.


4. Communicate your willingness to work it out

Love is like a two way street, learn to reciprocate the love they show you. When two people want to be in the relationship for the long haul, they put in the work to make it happen and sincere communication is one of the things they work on. We know that it is important to learn to make one’s feelings known when need be.

Some of us learn this the hard way, because it is difficult to say what is truly on your mind when you don’t want to rock the boat. But just don’t tell him his fart smells like a designers perfume when in fact it smells like rotten eggs. It may not be possible to agree on everything, but it is possible to let your partner know your stand on everything important to you both.


5. Communicate with your words and actions

As you practice meaningful communication, it is also necessary that you communicate with your actions as much as you do with your words. If your words are going north while your actions head south, your partner will have a hard time trusting you. So, don’t say “I love you” with your mouth and then say “I don’t want you” with your actions. Your words are more powerful when they are backed with corresponding actions.

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