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Welcome to Black Safaya…

Black Safaya is a relationship, lifestyle and writing blog. We are passionate about meaningful relationships, intentional living and inspiring hearts to aim for the best version of themselves.  

We have particular interests in women and writing first in Nigeria and then across every country in the world.

Black Safaya is also proud to be associated with Black Women who have inspiring stories to share especially in the areas of love, business and writing. You are the reason we rock!

The Mission

We are out to help women first in Nigeria and then other countries of the world to live purposefully, love intentionally and write exceptionally so they can share their milestones and achievements with those in dire need of their story.

The Vision

Empowering individuals  to become authors, thought-leaders and lovers one woman at a time, starting with you!

How We Do It

Black Safaya shares applicable life lessons in the areas of Relationships, Lifestyle (Personal Development) and Writing. We do this through:

Safaya Relationships
The Adegbeyes

The single most important decision you will take will be choosing who to marry or who your friends will be.

The Black Safaya Relationship category focuses on your relationship first with yourself and then with your man and others around you.

Safaya Lifestyle
A healthy sense of self begins with self-discovery

Purpose is tied to lifestyle….learn how to overcome low self-esteem, imposter syndrome and find personal development tips to help you grow and crush goals.

Safaya Story

From the corporate slay queen to the stay-at-home mother to flash fiction and short stories, we tell it all on this category.



Our Story

Genesis (2017)

Black Safaya initially started as a blog that was interested in women and writing in September 2017. Our first few blog posts struggled to find synergy between love, personal growth and writing.

For a while we kept looking for the best niche to describe what we do and one day, we simply decided to touch lives without the tags.

We have grown from a struggling blog to a brand that is associated with love, laughter and relatable  life lessons.

New Beginnings (2018)

In 2018, we began to seriously mentor people in writing and through our freelance arm, Safaya Writers we have been able to teach over 700 individuals the art of writing and building communities around their areas of expertise using writing as a tool to influence.

Womenpire (2020 and Beyond)

Black Safaya will continue to feed the minds of the women who have trusted us for three years now with premium and proven information to help them love, lead and write about their adventures.

We also will begin to shine the spotlight on Young Black Women in Business, Happy Marriages and  other  Entrepreneurial endeavours so others can be inspired to take action.

Life is in seasons, and we are proud of where we are currently. Read our core values to understand what shapes and fuels our passion!

Our Culture

At Black Safaya, we believe every individual ought to love, lead and write.

We are passionate about meaningful relationships, intentional living and inspiring hearts to aim for the best version of themselves.  Our mission is to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Starting with you!

What We Value



Love is a verb!

From your first date through courtship and finally your big wedding day, learn and share useful relationship tips, principles and lasting solutions that guarantee the happy ever after you hope to have in your relationship.


Mediocrity turns us off.  And we did not come here to be average. Whether it is the workspace or the heart-space, we ensure we dish out only the best of tips or advice. Learn how to live, love and achieve like a pro.


You’re someone’s role model!

Explore how you can maximize every person’s contribution and build note worthy circles guaranteed to help you ace and also contribute to life.


Men are not scum and women are wonderful gifts. We appreciate the uniqueness of these two genders.

We truly believe that you are who you follow and interact with.  Our community is a bridge that links both men and women together who collectively  inspire us to achieve more.

About Me

Ene Elizabeth Adeka (Energie💪)


Most people call me “Energy!” I’m a writer, editor and book project consultant amongst many other things.

Black Safaya began as a result of my desire to first better myself and then other people around me.

My favourite quote?

You will only be of much value to others as you have been to yourself.

When I’m not at the back end of this blog, I’m probably making vegetable stir-fry, editing a client’s work or teaching someone how to ace writing.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to connect with me personally.

 For writing jobs,  send an email to eneadeka@blacksafayadotcom to get a writing quote or submit a manuscript for editing. It’s not FREE!😂


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