About US

Hello! Welcome to Black Safaya…your home of  good advice.

We believe every individual ought to live, love and laugh to the fullest.

We are passionate about meaningful relationships, intentional living and inspiring hearts to aim for the best version of themselves.  Our mission is to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Starting with you!

What We Value


From your first date through courtship and finally your big wedding day, learn and share useful relationship tips, principles and lasting solutions that guarantee the happy ever after you hope to have in your relationship.



Mediocrity turns us off. From your work space to your heart, we serve think you deserve the best of anything obtainable. Learn how to live, love and achieve like a pro.



Explore how you can maximize every person’s contribution and build note worthy circles guaranteed to help you ace life and also contribute to life.



Get real-time access to our growing community of mentors, influencers and contributors. We truly believe that you are who you follow and interact with…our community is a bridge that links both customers, clients and achievers in one click.  Meet friends, business partners, soul mates and high performing individuals who collectively define and inspire us to achieve more.

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