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By Ghozye Nelson

Hey pretty lady!

The last post reminded you of the importance of being human by practicing five exceptional tips to improving your relationship. Did you put them to good use or they evaporated from your mind immediately you left the page?


We sure hope not as someone who has mastered them might just be on their way to your office for an interview…if you know what I mean. Worse still, she may bump into your man on the streets and we hope to heaven that your manners are as lit as hers else phew!


Well, that is why we are here but why go through heartbreak if you can keep your man, boss and everyone else around you happy by simply practicing these tips? Now, I’m back with the remaining five so without much further ado, let’s dig in!

Don’t be late

You know how long it will take you to get to the venue of your appointment from your home, and you also know how that time could change depending on the traffic. Make allowance for traffic jams and traffic light stops when calculating the time to leave your house. Note that there’s nothing like being “fashionably late”; if you’re late, you are late no matter how exquisitely dressed you are. Try to be on time at all times and if you meet any delay whatsoever, make sure you inform the other party instead of leaving them waiting without a word.


Mind your language

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your language clean. This is Africa madam! We don’t go all f-word on people.


Triple NO!


That is not what your mama taught you and if you think you’re cool because you use the f-word, sorry madam, it doesn’t make you cool. Actually, it makes you look childish. There are so many dirty words flying around and we sometimes get carried away and incorporate them into our daily conversations.


You may have to consciously stop yourself from using them or you just might find yourself spewing out such uncultured words at an interview. Same goes for all your social media accounts; the quest for likes and comments shouldn’t make us forget that integrity is gold. So, woman on faya, don’t post it online if you wouldn’t be proud of it when you finally become that oga at the top in the nearest future. You never know who is somewhere taking screenshots or saving pictures and videos these days. Better to be safe than sorry.


Plug in your earphones

We have all been there especially that moment when someone is playing a song their grandmother sent them off with. Your favourite song may be noise to someone else. You may wonder, “What’s not to like about this song?” Like the saying, “Different strokes for different folks”, don’t go about disturbing people with your loud music.


Especially the ones your village people sing at the Annual Masquerade Festival!


Not everyone is interested in that funny video you’re about to watch, so plug in your earphones before you press play especially when you’re in a public place. If you really need to listen to that voice message and your earpiece isn’t available, then reduce the volume until only you can hear it.


Also, please don’t be tempted to sing along when you have your earphones on, especially when you’re in a public place. NO! You just might be croaking like a frog even if your voice sounds wonderful in your head.

The phone goes both ways

Almost everyone is guilty of this. Most times we don’t reach out to our so-called friends until they make the first move. Yes, some people may only be acquaintances or the “Hi-hi friends” but there are people in our lives who we know we ought to communicate with more often. It wouldn’t hurt if you make the first move.


If you are the one who ALWAYS receives a greeting, then you are a suspect. Don’t be that friend who only remembers to say hi when she needs help, so much so that anytime you say the first hello, the other party starts waiting to hear the “Please, could you help me…” and then you wonder why they give you silly excuses.


Also, if you are always apologising for replying late to messages even when you are online, then you there’s a problem. It’s understandable that you may stay away from your device or from social media for some time, but there are some people who leave messages unreplied for days and claim to not see them, even when they have conspicuously been active online during that period; it only shows how much you esteem the one who sent you a message. Remember, the phone was made for MAKING calls as much as it was made for receiving calls.

Hold your shoulders high

Your crooked teeth and knocked knees are what makes you,  you so the earlier you embrace them and stop wishing you had Nkechi’s perfect smile or Amina’s straight legs, the earlier you will have peace of mind. Nothing kills your self-esteem like comparing yourself with people who look like they have everything you think you want, or have their lives all figured out. Trust me, no one has it all figured out; everyone is as clueless as you are.

The difference between you and them is that they do not sit around brooding over what they do not have; rather, they go all out to get what they want and never stop until they get it. So, accept those scars as they are; invest in your personality, celebrate yourself, hold your head up and faya on!

Shingai Shoniwa via

You’ve noted all 10 points, PS: if you got only the above listed five then you should quickly take a look here for the last five points. So, now you should take heed of them, and religiously work on those areas that need a touch of magic.

Until I come your way next time, send your suggestions, questions and comments, keep being the awesome woman that you are and faya on!

Featured Image: Image via Urbanbella


  1. saratu yusuf Reply

    Hmmmmmmm, am so impress with this write up. Thank you for reminding us on these things. God bless you. Keep it up

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