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By Ghozye Nelson

A good number of our conversations are held on social media these days that we almost forget how to relate with people face to face. As uncomfortable as you may feel though, there will always be people to interact with every time you step out of your door, unless of course you want to leave earth and go to the moon. Anyways, let’s talk etiquettes.

In this millennial age, manners are beginning to seem outdated and the person who uses foul words the most is regarded as the one who knows “what’s up.” Little do we remember that the little things which make up our habits always influence our overall character. As a lady, it is important for you to always remember that certain manners will never go out of fashion.

So, yours truly is here to remind us of how to keep our “faya” burning every day. Some of the points may seem all too familiar, but if you look within yourself you may be surprised to discover that even though you’ve always known them, you may have been skipping some of them.

1. Give compliments

The highest psychological need of every human is the need to feel loved, valued and deeply appreciated. Hence, it is important that you always give a compliment well deserved because there is no one who doesn’t love to be praised.


One thing most people are guilty of, especially ladies, is the inability to compliment people. Some people crave attention so much so that they forget other people also need attention.

It wouldn’t take anything away from if you tell that colleague at work that you admire the diligence she puts into her work, but no, you’d rather ask yourself “Is she more diligent than I am?” You see Yetunde’s new Hermes bag and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “Ahah! Yetunde, which aristo buy this fine bag for you?” A simple “Yetunde, I love your bag” will suffice.


Don’t let envy build a face-me-I-face-you in your mind; otherwise you’ll always be bitter for no reason. You could start off by reminding yourself to complIment those who are closest to you whenever you see them,  tell them that you appreciate their presence or that you like their shadow. The truth is, whenever you compliment someone, you make them feel special and you feel happier.


2. Look good, smell fresh

This one is a serious matter. Don’t be that well-dressed lady who no one wants to sit close to because of her “rat that died” kind of mouth odour. Pay attention to your smell as much as you pay attention to your make-up and what you wear.


After sweating throughout the day, don’t go to bed without having a shower, not only will you smell pretty bad, you’ll also wake up feeling cranky. Simple hygiene requires that you take your bath at least twice daily as a lady.


It’s important to shave your armpit hair as often as necessary, and use a deodorant or antiperspirant. If you decide to top it up with a nice body spray or cologne, even much better.


However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that baptizing yourself with the entire content of your perfume bottle will conceal the smell of your dirty clothes and your unwashed body. That’s a lie from your village people; it will only intensify the bad odour.


3. Brush Regularly

Top on the list is the importance of brushing regularly. Examine the air coming out of your mouth to see if it’s safe to breath around people so that you don’t wonder why every time you take a step forward while talking to your friends, they take three steps back.


If you notice an uncomfortable smell from your mouth, please increase the number of times you brush in a day, floss your teeth regularly and if there’s no change, see a doctor.


4. Keep that smartphone aside

In this “millennial age,” it has become so common to use our phones everywhere we find ourselves. The phone has become a huge part of our lives that we can’t leave the house without it. Agreed, it makes things convenient but don’t let it take you away from those who are important to you.


Try to stash that phone of yours somewhere when spending time with your family or hanging out with friends. If you’re in a meeting, refuse to give your phone permission to distract you. It isn’t classy to check your phone every minute you hear it beep when you’re with people, and it doesn’t show respect for them either.


5. Be polite

My little cousins used to sing a song when they were younger, There are five magic words you must know: please, excuse me, sorry, thank you, and pardon me. Being polite never goes out of fashion. Saying “thank you” can never be overemphasized. Never forget to say thank you or apologize when you need to, it doesn’t make you any less of yourself, it only makes you more mature.


6. Don’t let your mood influence your manners

Don’t be the lady known for mood swings. You may be having the worst day of your life, but the people you meet outside know nothing about your day’s experience. Hence it’s not right for you to take your frustration out on them. You will only be seen as crazy if you do, because no one knows that you just received a severe warning from your boss. So, fine lady, practice being nice even when you don’t feel like it and surprisingly your own mood may lighten up in the process.

Before you head on to the next post, practice these ones I have dished out and watch your relationships with the people around improve.  You can also leave your comments, questions and feedbacks in the comment box below.


Until then hold your head up, reach for the stars and…

Faya on!

Photo Credit:Shingai Shoniwa via


  1. What an eye opener!
    I found it nice and interesting.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I love this post..

    it reminds us of the importance of dealing courteously as a woman.

    Thanks Gohzye

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