Chadwick Boseman: Man of Performance, Man of Purpose

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Chadwick Boseman had a visitor in August but unlike most people who don’t expect August Visitors, this man knew who was visiting.

So he prepared a grand welcome.

Ten movies in four years…all in the face of dealing with colon cancer. I recently watched 21 Bridges…did you see the scene where he chased Michael? How could anyone have given that hot chase while carrying such depth of pain inside of him?

Only someone who saw acting as his purpose and not merely performance.

Humanitarian work as well as support for families of those suffering from cancer. 

A secret marriage just to show one final act of commitment. Sigh! Take the trophy sir. Even in death.

A  Special Breed

Chadwick Bozeman
Chadwick Boseman

If Kobe Bryant was premium material, Chadwick Boseman was limited edition.

Chadwick Boseman… I do not write this for the hype; I write because his type is rare. One of a kind, that special breed we’d want in a brother, friend and husband. Minus the cancer of course.

The swag. The poise. The charisma.

He was the type of man you fantasized about…in love with everyone but faithful and committed to one.

Serious-minded and yet as playful as a child.

Soft-spoken but fierce at heart.

The type you would want to plan a wedding with before he even says hello. 😂

The kind whose face stayed with you through the movie, after the movie and when you do the dishes. 😂😂

The type that made you stop, take stock of your life and ask if you deserve better than what you have settled for.

There’s a Chadwick in All of Us

Chadwick Boseman

In the end, there is a Chadwick in all of us. Man. Woman. Friend. Sister. Lover. Husband. Wife.

You see a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things, a wise man once said. He said, “Whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else.” Jesus was truly wise.

And I believe Chadwick must have known Him enough to have slaved through every production without ever grimacing in pain.

I wonder…didn’t he feel the pain when he was hit in vulnerable places during productions? Then I’m reminded of how Jesus suffered in silence because there was a crown.

Purpose increases endurance levels.

He Cheated Death

“Wakanda” man commands the world to stand still even in death? Yes, I know many like him have died but even Twitter had to stop and acknowledge the numerical impact.

Yes! Chadwick Boseman cheated death!!!

So, beyond the shares and tribute, tears and regrets, pain and hope for healing, I think the best way to lay him to rest in peace is to pick one trait he embodied and apply it to your life.

The Bible said, “It is better to go to the house of mourning…” and I’ll tell you why.

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Chadwick Boseman knew one who places importance on the need to live everyday purposefully. He knew Jesus. He may not have been your tongue-talking, fire spitting pastor but he knew His maker.

Death also teaches us to number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom. This death should teach you that 43 years is enough to make impact if you number your days well.

Let this lesson not be lost on you. In the end, the king did not really die…he simply numbered his days well and on the last day, well,he  kissed us goodbye.

So…what day are you in? What part of your life did he live so well you need to stop and take lessons? Mine should be his work ethic and his professed faith. He knew what responsibility entails.

So…I ask again..wakanda man are you? Is this legacy you’re building forever? Or will the world immortalize you in just a hashtag and that’s where it ends? I’ll leave you to answer for yourself. 


Just. Like. Chadwick.

You. Are. A. King.

Black Panther or Not.

And wakanda king you choose to be

Rests solely on your sense of purpose.

So…I pray that you begin to number your days…too.

R.I.P King!


  1. Chioma ugwa Reply

    This was so beuatiful
    He really lived well!
    Rest In Peace King

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