Covid-19: 4 Things You Can Achieve from Home this Period

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My Dearest Woman,
Covid-19, although deadly will eventually pass away. But what exactly are you doing with the time it has afforded you?

Even though it is a difficult time for us all, wise women know this is the perfect time to lead, influence and grow. So as much as I can, I remind people that these FOUR things are important to you right now.
Please read and share. – Ene Elizabeth Adeka

1. Strive to become a role model

A far deadlier disease, much worse than the covid-19 itself is the irresponsible behaviour of some folks online. In how you deal with the outbreak of the virus and in your response to comments and viral posts about it, choose to be a role model.

Today, for instance, I went to fill my gas and stock up on some food so I do not have to move around town unnecessarily. I tried as much as possible to share messages that educate, inform, inspire or strengthen my circle.

You can keep a positive attitude and remain calm, thoughtful, disciplined, compassionate, productive and faithful without being a nuisance.

Or you can drink twenty bottles of soda, eat every two minutes, binge watch every episode you have missed on Netflix, fall deeper into depression, forget your goals, team, purpose and family. You can also choose to spread fear by sharing or forwarding meaningless WhatsApp broadcast messages.

I get it! Now is your one chance to chill and “chop life” but you know what? In my community, I call my women productivity queens.

Yesterday, I began a digital marketing course online and I encourage you to do the same. Maybe not digital marketing but find a course, get certified and come out of the chaos better than when you went in.

We are leaders and people of influence. Hence, we prefer progress to pauses and  must remain committed to doing and giving our best; we do not use our quarantine time to visit everybody or remain trapped in our fears.  We shall gain new skills and deepen the meaningful relationships in our lives.

You can be that woman!

2. Choose Wellness

Yes! Health is a choice and I am not talking about your respiratory system alone. Choose to allow only healthy thoughts into your mind in this season, care for yourself and treat others with respect and kindness.

A stinking mindset will do more damage than  covid-19 itself!

Wellness is how you show up, what habits you choose in this season, the boundaries you set and how you speak to your loved ones. Do not reconnect with an ex only to have sex you will regret simply because you were bored.

Inspire people instead to healthier mindsets, teach them how they can earn from home and how they can ultimately increase their value and position themselves as people full of wisdom.

I am starting an entirely new email course on how you can teach what you know online by creating e-products out of the value you offer. If you have a powerful idea or lesson you want to teach others, sign up on how you can create your online course in seven easy steps here and wait for my email. My 7-step process  to creating online courses will help you gain clarity and start building your own audience in no time!

3. Skill Up!

Mental laziness will kill you faster than covid-19 itself. Remember I earlier mentioned a digital marketing course I started yesterday? The last appropriate time to have learnt that thing was yesterday, the next best time is now!

Start by going online and searching free courses in the areas you wish to have an added skill. Personally, by the end of these three weeks, I want to:

•  Develop another writing course online.
• Enrol in another digital marketing course.
• Get started teaching my comprehensive writing course.

4. Think of Ways to Earn from Home

My neighbour works at the university and together with his wife, they sell almost everything and they are not even online folks. Yesterday, I bought kunu, (a local millet drink), this morning it was a bag of water.

Two days ago, she blended my tomatoes and just this morning, I caught her husband feeding their turkeys. The entire quarters have become their stream of income because nobody does what they do.

Need I mention they have a retail shop that sell essential provision, a cold room that sell ice blocks to shop owners  and she sells pastries and makes hair too?

I’m even tired. They do everything.

I do not know what your goals are but please start learning now.  Be like my neighbours.  Get books, mentors and new tools to win. I want to teach people how to create online courses so they can earn from home by writing books and turning them to courses.

If you wish to enrol in the programme, register here and you will hear from me as soon as we commence lessons.

This year alone, I have helped about 11 persons get published. Are you my next author? Why not send me a message today and let me help you  get started on that writing project?


Stay safe, wash your hands, be prayerful and stay at home! In everything, we are more than conquerors and remember our greatest response to covid-19 is our faith and wisdom on how to lead our life. Have faith, lead with purpose.

PS. If you wish to connect with me personally, you can send an email to eneadeka@blacksafayadotcom

Or join the Safaya writers team by sending a pitch to the editor at safayawriters@gmaildotcom

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