Falling in Love: Hopium of the Romantics

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In Love.

The stuff of dreams. Oh what we’d give to say that with a potent amount of certainty. Many have killed for it, and yet, again, many have lived for it.

Yesterday, while peacefully walking down the corridors of Twitter, I stumbled upon a Tweet; a damsel distressed.  Having done everything doable, sayable, lovable and green lightable to get a certain brother to permanent site, she understood the assignment nobody gave her and served him woto woto.

Exhibit A 👇(These screenshots are public)

Exhibit B

She wanted to communicate, mans wanted to cuddle. Leemao.

I admire her courage. Few can leave a table where crumbs are being served believing that the good Lord is rich, loving and gracious enough to prepare a more befitting and sumptuous table.

And I have come to realize that in matters of love, this old heart dares oh so often to think it knows the best for you more than your Maker and ultimate Lover of your soul.

Why!This type audacity can only be bought of jiji express. So… I know you do not watch movies but indulge me…have you heard about Bruce Willis?🔥

Hope is a Die Hard

Die hard!

If you’ve not watched the movie or heard about it, look to Google because I’m not about to give a movie review.

Actually, I can’t even remember  the plot enough to give you a summary. I do remember one thing however, it was hard for the man to die, and hence the name. Sho get? He was a die hard because he hardly died. 😂

And that is how love is. The faintest hope can reignite a love you’ve spent 5 years trying yo kill and no amount of advice can reset your coconut head.

But you see that love you have to beg for to be shown? You must kill it today. And hence my motivation for writing this post.  I’ll have you know:

1. Love is not Good Governance

If you’re in love and you’re demanding to be loved, get out. GET what? Out.

It cannot be demanded. Love cannot be demanded.That’s the first thing I’d have you know.

You can’t democratically vote love in or out. You can’t march on the streets to be shown more love, just a tiny bit of it. LOVE GOVERNS WELL BUT IT IS NOT GOOD GOVERNANCE.

The very nature of love itself is one that is both exclusive and all-encompassing. Exclusive because it will single out one tall, dark and handsome Oga in the midst of many tall, dark and possibly even more handsome Ogas, and then proceed to crown him King, and Landlord of the heart. 

All-encompassing because, you’re always capable of loving others, your heart is big enough for everyone. It is however,  your heart, head and values that must work together to  tell you who ought to be the ultimate Conquistador a.k.a Love of Your Life. Love is universal, commitment is selective.

I am not ignorant of the fact that there are some  daughters of Adam who are capable of loving a villagefull of men.Your heart is capable of loving twenty LOMLs at the same time. My God, I’ve seen multitasking before but this way you multitask your emotions is a discovery.

Aggressively takes lessons from you  I’ll never practice

2. You Cannot Grow a Forest out of a Desert that does not Want to be Watered

I love this one.

Have you settled down to type your life out and 16 edits, 25 deletes and one vulnerable post even Apostle Paul would have been proud of later, you receive an “Okay” or a WhatsApp blue tick in response?

Maybe I should serve small violence by reminding you that he’s been posting jpegs even though the last message you sent is still at his door begging to be let in.

 Hehehehe…I know sis, I know. I spoke your mind. Now sit down, let me tell you something my mother often says.

“Ene, love is like sunshine. You cannot hide it. Love is also a talkative, it would always want to talk to the object of its affection.

God, in all His glory talks about only us, what He wants to do with us, where He wants to take us too, and despite the fact that He’s got a gazillion angels in heaven, He’s always asking, “Adam, where are you? Do what you wish with this info.”

3. Love Knows What it Wants

When you’re in love, it is almost difficult to see or agree otherwise but if you forget anything I said, please remember that it‘s unfair to demand of someone what they are incapable of offering you.

They like what they like and you’re not it. No amount of ‘epistling,’ calls or conversations can build a bridge when one person is only interested in wading in the waters.

4. Love is Not Blind, it Just Loves to Hope

Sometimes, we see the red flags, the reluctance and the hesitation in their actions and reactions but hope is Bruce Willis. Hope is a die hard.

We hope that they will change, call, have that deep connection with us that we feel on the inside for them, and see how much we love them.

And  hope deferred is what’s making you sick. We hope until one day we understand that it doesn’t really take a village to push someone to love you deeply and genuinely and if it’s not there, it’s not there. No amount of nurturing can birth it.

I know you’ve heard you can take sperm and turn it to sons or an empty house to a home but hear me, no amount of nurturing can transform a loveless contraption into a beautiful romance. If it’s not there, it’s not there.

Yes, there are exceptions to this rule but why do you always want to be the exception to the rule when clearly, there is a more excellent way?

5. Love Never Gives Up

Ene’s First Law of Love states that, “Love  can neither be torn nor lose its elasticity. Love is an infinite elastic band. If you like stretch it from the East to west, it will come back to it’s original shape.”

Love is the real coconut head and that is something you must never lose regardless of all the unfortunate experiences you may have had on this journey to a happy ever after.

6. Love is what Love Does

You want to know what love is not, read 1 Corinthians 13 the other way round.

If it’s impatient, unkind, envious, boastful, proud, dishonourable, self-seeking, easily angered, unforgiving, loves evil, rejects truth, puts you at risk, mistrusts, pessimistic, and easily gives up, it was never, is not and will never be love. 🤗

Generally, I’m a persistent person, if I give up, be sure I left no stone unturned. And that is the final thing you should know. Love knows when it has done its best.

Before I leave you to do what you wish with this info, I must apologize for my absence here. I have been in love.

Smiles in “God When”

Yours hoping to be in love,


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  1. Marvelous Nkut Reply

    You’ve definitely knocked some sense Into me
    Thank you Energie!

    • Hey Marv!
      Is it too early to say compliments of the season?
      Let me be the first to wish you that.
      Thank you for stopping by the house.

  2. Prisca Policarp Reply

    Jesus, this is something… Thank you for this wholesome piece ma.

    It is always refreshing to read from you ❤️ really, you write excellently well❤️

  3. The ArchiPoet Reply

    I enjoyed reading this! A well crafted and balanced epistle on love. Paul would be proudest! More creativity to your pen.

    • Hey beautiful!
      Thank you for stopping by the blog. I love your smile, can we package and resell it to the world?

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