February Review: 2 Important Relationship Goals to Always Work

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Ene Elizabeth Adeka & Ghozye Nelson

February ends today and with it, every single goal you may have set for the month. Hopefully, you remembered the relationship goals you set. We want to end February by reminding you of the two (2) most important relationship goals to work on.


Relationship Goal Number 1: Keeping the conversation alive

Why does communication die a natural death in most relationships? Why do people tend to stop talking as much as they used to after they get settled in the relationship? After the first few weeks of getting to know each other, the silence gradually creeps in and then we feel like there is nothing to say anymore. Read our powerful guide to better communication here.


Identify your relationship phase(s)

At the beginning of every relationship, there is that spark—not just one but a family of sparks that make intense fireworks. We ask so many questions and say so many things, but when we finally get close enough to each other, the fireworks slowly die off like the abandoned firewood that you used to cook that party jollof.



Avoid close-ended Questions

Sometimes it gets so bad that we could go for days without reaching out to our so-called boos and baes. But we tend to forget that when there is no communication, doubt begins to form in your mind, and you begin to lose faith in the relationship. As if the rise of texting is not enough, most of us are still guilty of asking close-ended questions that leave the conversation hanging;

Him: Have you eaten?

Her: Yes

Him: What did you eat?

Her: Amala and gbegiri


Keeping the Conversation Alive

Where do we go from this conversation now? Is there really nothing to say? Have you told your partner about those funny teenagers you saw on your way back from work? Did you tell them that joke someone said in the office that cracked you up throughout the day?

There are many of us on this table and it has to break in this 2019. Relationship goal number one: keep the conversation alive in your relationship. If you need to find conversation prompts on the internet, feel free to ask Google.


Relationship Goal Number 2: Re-affirm love, trust and commitment as often as you can

Someday, you won’t have the time to gaze into their eyes and tell them sweet nothings but until then, you have ample time to re-affirm trust, commitment and love for them.

Make it a habit to randomly send them a message, telling them how much you appreciate them being in your life because hey! Let’s face it, you can be a pain in the neck and that woman certainly deserves some accolades for putting up with you.


Here are some conversation prompts if you have no words to get started

For Him,

I just want to tell you how much I believe in you; every time I see how passionate you are about work and what you do, it motivates me to become a better version of myself. I look forward to more beautiful days and times of learning with you.

P.S: Your number one fan

N.B: Your man will love it when you make him feel like superman. Crank up the motivation and spice him up with some adrenaline-stimulating speech. Who knows? He just might wear a cape to work tomorrow.


For Her,       

Babe, I know I am hardly around to spend quality time with you (please say this even if you spend 24 hours with her) and I honestly wish we could spend more time together but I’m building  a future for us ( Keyword: US) that will allow me sit and discover the immeasurable treasure that you are. You know I love you right? (Wait for no answer)

Is there anything you wish to tell me? (Oh she will have by the time you are done.) You can talk to me.

N.B: Women are talkers. Watch her become an adorable kitten by sending this few lines. What are you waiting for man? Go send that message already before some crack head beats you to it and of course, be kind to come back here and say THANK YOU!


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Happy new month!

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