February Review: How to Build Personal Finances and Financial Discipline

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Ene Elizabeth Adeka & Ghozye Nelson

Bisi had been in a meeting all morning and as soon as it was over, she ran to the snack store to grab something to eat. The month was almost over, and Bisi was heavily expecting payday as she had transferred more than the usual percentage of her salary to her fixed deposit account to make up for all of last month’s extra financial drama.

Fortunately, she still had some change in her spending account; enough to buy some baked goods and a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola to go with it. As she walked to the store, the thought of the Coca-Cola washing down her dried throat brought smiles to her lips.

Finally, Bisi was at the store and remembering she had just enough money to get a few things, she picked one doughnut and a bottle of coke and jejely went to check out. When it got to her turn, she confidently pulled out her ATM card to swipe away the hunger, but her village people had other plans.

As she swiped the card the cashier announced, “Insufficient funds, madam.” Bisi was sure she didn’t have any cash on her, her only hope was the card. She looked around, there was no known face, no knight in shining armour, and no cash in her wallet.

Her village people had finally succeeded. No lunch today—no chilled Coca-Cola. It was a long wait to dinner and even another longer wait until month end but financial discipline had come to stay.


Review and Apply these Financial Hacks

  1. Review spending habit.
  2. Open a savings account, we recommend getting registered on
  3. Have a spending account
  4. Set a percentage saving on all income that enters your account
  5. Set financial goals/target for every month
  6. Brainstorm ways you can start earning. You can ask Google or start a side business from home.
  7. Have only one card activated for online payments


Personal Savings: Introducing the Piggyvest App

Are you broke or tired of being a spendthrift? Like Bisi, investing in financial intelligence and financial discipline will do you plenty of good on the long run. A lifestyle that hurts your finances will ultimately wreck your life. Make a commitment to review your personal finances even as we start a new month.

If you are in Nigeria we recommend In January of 2019 alone, over 200,000000 saved one billion naira on the app! It offers a very simple and easy way to safeguard your cash.

On, there are a variety of savings options that you can employ to safeguard your finances, invest money or even help supervise your spending habit by joining a savings challenge.


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Happy new month!

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