Financially Comatose: 5 Reasons You Are Always Broke Pt.2

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Last week we talked about five reasons out of ten (10) why you are always broke, click here to read the previous article. We promised to bring the remaining five your way and here you go at no.6:

6. Everyone in Your Circle Is Like You

The Problem: Remember how wise men say, “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with?” There lies your problem…if everyone in your life is broke, then your chances of making money are slim. This also means that no one in your clique has access to superior information.

The Solution: If you can beat them, break up with them honey. Research shows that you are who you roll with. I hope you do get our point. Find new set of friends, preferably people passionate about filling up their wallets legitimately.

7. You Are Talented But Lack Skill

The Problem: Everyone knows you are good at something but you are yet to refine it to the point  where it is perceived as a value that can be purchased, patronized or pursued after.

The Solution: Nobody pays you for being average, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Sounds like a cliché but think of it, why would anyone want to board a commercial plane if he has the option of flying a private jet?

Your assignment is not to argue this one out, your assignment is to know how to fly both. Mastery is paid premium, talent is complimented sometimes.

8. Your Strategy Is Not Compelling Enough

The Problem: People do not just buy stuff, they buy solutions. Perhaps you look like you are selling a problem.

The Solution: Do not be in a hurry to market a product or solution you have perfectly understood especially from the perspective of your customers. If anyone buys your product, you should find out why and go to work on making it even harder for them to stay away.

9. You Have Not Been Properly Mentored

The Problem: You have not yet been taught to understand how money comes and goes by one who has mastered the art of handling money. Financial intelligence requires constructive teaching, tutoring and mentorship.

The Solution: Time to stop following get rich schemes online and be serious about educating yourself on money. Find a mentor, someone who has LEGITIMATELY built a business and is worthy of emulation, humble yourself before such person and admit you need help understanding your finances.

10. All Wealth Comes From Above

The Problem: Money is spiritual; whatever you believe when it comes to your finances is what would work for you. If you believe you were born to grow and die poor, you certainly will die so.

The Solution: The power to prosper plus the principles and the laws that govern money is not rocket science. The ancient book says, “It is the Lord your God that gives you the power to prosper.” If all else fails, you can hope and pray. Prayer still works…

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  1. Jakes Hinjari Reply

    This is really interesting… educating too! Thanks to the entire team at Black Safaya for this!

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