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Ghozye Nelson

A young man lost his life recently…he loved God; was super intelligent, full of vision and energy. But he died. Now he lives on in the memory of his loved ones. He didn’t die of an ailment, he wasn’t shot; he was involved in a car accident on his way to another state. A journey which he had embarked on several times before, safely. With that, all his plans were gone. His hopes, his vision. All gone. In the blink of an eye.


A young lady got electrocuted in her home. She had two children; the youngest only a few months old. These little kids will grow up looking at pictures to know who their mother was, they will listen to people tell them about their mother without having a chance to grow up under her care. She has missed their secondary school graduation, their graduation from the university, she wouldn’t see them land their first job, or make their first million. She’s just gone. Now only but a memory.


Just How Serious Is Life?

Every breath is a gift. Every second is irretrievable. This brings up the question, “Just how serious is life?” Should we live like there’s no tomorrow? Or should we keep making our long term goals—where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Making plans is great! Setting goals and targets are awesome! But living in the present is wonderful too! Because, some day you too may become only a memory in the heart of your loved ones. They may not remember your 10 year plan, but they will remember the way your eyes crinkled when you smiled. They may not have access to the wealth you created, but they will never forget the sound of your voice, and to them, that will be the sweetest music they would forever long to hear again.

What’s the most important thing in life? Money is cool, being wealthy is badass. But if that’s the only thing you have, you may end up miserable. I once saw a quote somewhere that said “If you know how quick your boss will replace you if you die, you’ll make time for your family.”


4 Important Things to Appreciate in Life

The most important things are usually the ones we take for granted the most. Here are four important things in life that you shouldn’t forget to appreciate before you lose them.


1. You

It is very easy to forget about ourselves while we go through life. You need some “me time” from time to time (pun totally intended). While it’s good to have a relationship with people and make friends, there are times when you need to recharge and keep your sanity.

It is no crime to skip a party because you want to spend time with yourself. Moments you spend alone are usually helpful to reflect and understand yourself. If you are always in the midst of people, you may wake up one day with an identity crisis. The greatest loss you can encounter is losing yourself.


2. Family

You are stuck with them forever, and they will always stand by you whether you hit a gazillion naira profit in your business or you’re wallowing in a job that pays you barely enough to get by each month. However, it sometimes takes a disaster for us to realize how invaluable family is.

Enjoy the way your brothers’ “borrow” your shoes. Cherish your sisters’ tantrums. One day you will miss your mother’s “nagging”. While you are out there being the strong independent individual you aspire to be, remember to find time for your family.



A friend is someone who listens to your bullshit, tells you it’s bullshit, and then listens some more. Whether you have just one friend, or you are blessed with a whole squad, whether they are your “partners in crime” or in business, never take them for granted.. Either way, they look out for you, and they will always have your back. Appreciate them.


4. Health

You never know how wonderful normal feels until you catch a terrible cold. Have you ever sprained a muscle and then find yourself trying to remember how amazing your erstwhile painless ankle felt? In the busy-ness of your life don’t forget to eat healthy, drink water and get some exercise. Keep that body in good shape, don’t let it break down.

As beautiful as life is, we often fail to appreciate the little things. Whether you are busy getting that paper, or changing that diaper; whether you are the CEO of a multi million naira company or the managing director of your home, don’t forget that life is too short.

Don’t let anything take away your peace of mind. Be it a heart break, malaria or “moneyria”. Life is too short to be bitter. It definitely is too short to hold grudges too. It’s too short to hate and it’s way too short to be unforgiving. And of course, life is too short not to drink water. Appreciate the little things while they are still in your possession and smile while you still have teeth.


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