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Let’s Talk About Hashtags

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Dearest #AspiringWriter,

Nobody is going to search for #IamaConfidentHappySmilingBeautifulIntelligentBlahBlahBlah…

“You are talking in the nonsense.”

This is my maiden post on Safaya Writers! Hurray!!!

Why did I choose to begin with such a laid back topic? Well I am frankly tired of people hastagging their lives out: #ICanDoIt, #WritersofPlanetEarth, #WifeofMr, #MrsSomebody!


Have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re actually making sense with all those hashtags?

A hashtag is supposed to help us quickly identify searches without having to visit Google’s search box. A hashtag is supposed to help a particular thing or person gain more visibility online.

A hashtag is not your BFF!

I am tired.

Recently, someone posted something and you won’t believe the hastag they ended with:#2020IsOurYearOfMeetingtheRightPeople.


What was #2019 then??? Your year of meeting the wrong people?

This is why you should join my free writing class.

Do not say in a hashtag what you ought to say in a sentence.

Drops mic!

While you’re at it follow #SafayaWriters on Instagram!

Figured I can use a bit of the tags myself.😀😂😀



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