Lockdown Won’t Last Forever: Free eBook on Things to Focus On

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Lockdown  won’t last forever.

Thanks to Ms. Rona, (coronavirus) the lockdown has turned out to be a low budget valentine.

For some people anyway.

For me, it basically showed me how good I am at cooking three square meals and  eating none.

But still managing to add a few KGs. Personally, I think that scale is faulty.

From homemade yoghurt to other kitchen concoctions I have no name for, I really outdid myself this time around. I hope you’ve had half the fun I’ve had in the past three months.

On the other hand, I have made myself useful, written at least a 100 articles, 5 books with another on the way and I finally completed my Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course!

The Google course is free plus you get a certificate upon completion from almighty Google. Now, who wouldn’t like that??

Finding it Hard to Achieve Something in this Lockdown?

Have you had a hard time figuring out your life and the direction it’s headed? This article is meant to be a little boost for your productivity levels before our compulsory holiday is over. 

Tired of the ‘Re-Invent Yourself Speech’?

Few days ago, I was talking to I.J, one of the women  on the Safaya Writers team and she said, “Everyone keeps saying we should re-invent ourselves. We attend these seminars only to leave motivated and depressed at the same time.”

I felt her pain.

A good seminar on skill acquisition should help you gain clarity, identify areas you ought to develop and give you concrete information regarding how to launch into the next phase of your life.

Except that you’re asking for too much… not all seminars can do all of that for you without your help and this is why the lockdown is the best time for you to distill treasure  from thrash. 

Five Questions to Ask Yourself in this Lockdown

I won’t waste your time with meaningless preambles so:

1. How competent am I in the area I claim to be valuable?

2. What  community am I consciously building around it?

3. What product or service am I offering based on this value?

4. Who are my mentors in this area?

5. How  prepared am I  for post-lockdown aftermaths?

Lockdown can be all the luck you need. the free e-Book, I simply put together a short list of areas you ought to focus on.  I promise it won’t take you more than ten seconds to finish the e-Book.

I designed it for you using canva; another skill you should look into adding to your long list of lockdown achievements.

Lockdown Skills to Master

1. Master people – how to interact with and talk to them.

2. Deal with self-esteem issues.

3. Master the art of identifying the right mentors for specific seasons.

4. Master savings  and how to earn daily.

5. Get certified digitally.

6.  If you can and have the I.Q for it, learn coding. Start with Java script or python.

7. Keep in touch with your spiritual roots.

8. Learn how to write at least an article.

9. Review your relationship and where it is headed.

10. Now is the time to deal with character flaws and toxic habits.

11. Think of a product to sell.

12. Mentor someone consciously.

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Lockdown and Look Up – Free eBook

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