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By Ene Elizabeth Adeka

Hey Soul Sister!

“Life gives what you demand from it not wish for to happen…”

How have you been treating 2018 so far? Are you running it or is it running you? I hope the latter is the answer. This is my first official post for the year and we are going to gossip a bit… draw closer. Do you know that relationship you admired so much last year did not make it to 2018? How about goal setting? Do you know some people have not written their goals for the year? Before you drop that jaw, have you?


Good grief! Babes, I thought we agreed you were going to download my new eBook, specially written for you and handcrafted to suit your needs for the new year. Click here to get a copy fast! While you are at it, I might as well add that you have to be a warrior this year. See, let 2018 be your “Do it before I die” year.


What Do You Want in 2018?

As ladies, some of us have perfected our questioning skills to the point where we would be perfect for a job with the FBI, the interrogation room preferably. We all know how to ask the “W” questions (what, where, when and why} until it’s time to have a nice and honest little chat with ourselves, all by ourselves.

Yes honey! There is no conversation better than that which you would honestly have in front of the mirror or in your personal journal. What exactly do you want in 2018 – a job, degree, pot belly, two million dollars? You have got to SAY it. Life gives what you demand from it not wish for to happen. Open your mind, take those fake lashes off your eyelids if they are preventing you from seeing and begin to think, talk and write your way out of mediocrity, poverty, small thinking and wrong relationships.


What Is Your Idea of a Perfect Life?

In The Smart Money Woman, (one of our top five recommended books for the year), Arese Ugwu advices that you sit and write what your idea of a perfect life is. Do you want a beautiful house overlooking Lagos Lagoon, three children, two cars in the garage with another shipment on the way?

Perhaps you are like me who wants to see missionaries driving Range Rovers and their children attend good schools. And my ultimate car? You won’t believe it! I love the SUV because it is roomy, comfortable and in this Naija that we are, it is the vehicle most suitable for visiting the village. If you know, you know.

How about being able to feed the hungry and having the financial wherewithal to help the poor and needy? All these things require thinking and money – money that you keep spending on Brazilian hair – to impress people who don’t give a hair’s breadth care about your flick self.  Bae, seriously I am getting angry at this point. Don’t do this to us, don’t you know we all are waiting for you to blow (become popular) so we can famzy (throw our weight around)?

Get educated, get mentorship and get yourself right on track. The good news is, I have done your homework for you and the Resource List in my newly released eBook (click here to get YOUR FREE COPY) provides you with the necessary contact or information needed to bring your idea of a perfect life to reality. Remember, it does not have to remain in your head forever. Success is programmable! Program yours today.


My Idea of a Perfect Life

My idea of a perfect life is summed up in these three words: Live, Laugh and Love. Live, but while you are alive, make sure it is a life full of laughter and love. Live to make memories, build intelligently and leave lasting legacies. However, before you can achieve all of these, you must be willing to dispense and show love in an uncanny and unusual manner.

Businesses, relationships and empires built with love always outlive their owners because love never fails. Of the many lessons several individuals shared in my book, the need to genuinely love people was very profound. So as you draw out that journal, perhaps you ought to meditate on love, it will change your life. I leave you with these words by Safaya Parenting’s Linson Abah:

“This year, I’ve learned two important lessons:

People don’t need us to promise them big things, like “heaven and earth. Rather, they need us to do the little things we can right now; maybe something as simple as a hug.

Also, if you don’t take charge of your life, someone else will do it for you.”


What is your idea of a perfect life? Hit the COMMENT BOX and keep the conversation rolling. Until I come your way next week, download your free copy of the book and…

faya on!

Live Photography by Leo Makokolee Owan

Laugh, Myself

Love, Rachael Yarling and Spouse: Her Engagement


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