One Thing is Needful: Life Lessons with Elisha Mamman

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By Ene Elizabeth Adeka

Beware of the danger of a busy but unproductive life.

Do you ever sit and wonder about how you have so many things on your plate but very little results?

Energy expended in different directions will only achieve one thing: wear you out.

One of the dangers of this current world we live in is the rush and sense of urgency attached to the pursuit of unproductive things. Although things are becoming way simpler than they have ever been due to digitalization and multitasking, we are still unhappy, confused and always at crossroads.

Over the weekend, millenials in my city had a wonderful time listening to Elisha Mamman teach on time management, financial principles, productivity and building profitable relationships.

Elisha Mamman is a certified John C. Maxwell coach, Convener of The Winning Mindset and CEO of Noneli Integrated services. These are some of the lessons Black Safaya learnt amongst many things.


On Time Management, Finding Balance and Productivity

Your weight in life is measured in time…you are as heavy and valuable as what you use your time for.  Attention attracts attention hence what you consistently give attention to will ultimately attend to you.


The first way to find balance is to be first that one awesome person you have always wanted to be before you spread into different versions of yourself. What our generation does however, is to be first many versions of themselves before they try to consolidate those versions into one person.

The things that make us productive do not require time, they just require consistency.

How You Can Attain Oneness and Singularity of Mind

  • Live in the moment. When you are at work, concentrate on work.
  • Deal with one thing per time. Productivity increases when you are not distracted.
  • Don’t do things halfheartedly. God is never in the business of doing things halfheartedly. Whatever your hands find to do, do diligently.
  • Focus on being one awesome version of yourself first.


On Dealing with Distractions, Opportunities and Focus

A distraction is first something you are attracted to but which ultimately interferes with what matters most in your life. A distraction is any and everything that competes for you attention with other meaningful and more profitable things in your life.

Opportunities can become distractions when they interfere with what you are pursuing. Opportunities are also anything that give you room to do or become better. To identify opportunities and deal with distractions, you must be focused.

Focus is in actual sense blindness. It is being oblivious to everything else while you focus on the things inside you that are responsible for ensuring stability, progress and productivity.

Remember that nothing ever works until work is added to it. Nobody likes you too much to give you a platform. Build your own platform! Give yourself an opportunity to be known and feel free to have standards for yourself.


On Financial Intelligence and Mindsets

You are not poor because you are not smart, but because you do not practice.

It is costly to borrow…stop receiving compliments on credit! Money is a product of practice; never make borrowing your first option. If you want money, leave money alone and focus on practicing what brings it. Money should never alter your behavior, it should improve it.

Association is by far the greatest influencer of mindset not books. You have the mindset of people around you first before the books you read. If you want to change your mindset fast, change the people in your life.


On Relationships

It is a terrible thing to wake up to a partner that frustrates you daily. There are people who fit us and they are not one, they are many. Our assignment is to find the best fit and forget all other options. Everything gets better on the basis of practice and that includes your relationship. Build profitable relationships, master them, win with them.


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Faya on!

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    Awesome work here feel like it was boss himself talking or better say writing…touching and powerful

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