Personal Development: A Tool for Impacting Your World

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By Ene Elizabeth Adeka

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

I know you hear this question often times than not but there is no need to put yourself under pressure if you are still “finding yourself”. By the end of this article, you should be able to:

1. Identify the five areas of your life that needs personal development.

2. The gaps or excuses you must ditch to go from zero to hero.

3. The laws you must intentionally adhere to in order to achieve your personal development goals.

Why Your Personal Development Matters

You did not come to earth to be average. Your personal development matters both to God and to the people around you. I often say that “You will only be of much to others as you have been to yourself.”

This is where personal development begins: understanding that to be relevant to your world, you must first be of relevance to yourself.

Ever been in a situation where someone helplessly tries to help another person? In times of turbulence or air tragedy for instance, passengers are often advised to help themselves first before they attempt to help other people.

For me, personal development is an integral part of my faith…it is part and parcel of it. “Jesus,” the Bible said, “prayed all night” so I see no reason why I shouldn’t work all night if need be.

Personal development is the tool for chiseling away mediocrity until a superior mindset is sustained.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, take the subject of personally developing yourself serious. Where personal development is concerned, you don’t need to know everything. You just need to know the areas relevant to your growth. So…what is this personal development?

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is the process by which individuals build capabilities, increase their value, enhance their life spiritually, mentally and physically, and ultimately go from potential to realization of worthy pursuits.

Every failure or success in life can be traced to dishonour, my father and mentor often says:

1. Dishonour to laws

2. Dishonour to principles

3. Dishonour to men

Sit and Count the Cost

Before embarking on any personal development project. Understand the relevance of that goal to your life and destiny, accurately diagnose which area of your life is suffering collateral damages due to ignorance and sit down for once in your life to take charge of this ship.

To grow, knowledge acquired and geared towards growth must be relevant and constructive. You cannot enter into a bookstore and buy every book that appeals to your eyes simply because of the “badass” book cover and expect to grow.

Itemize your life and attach a personal development goal to each area. This brings me to the next key points you must know.

Five Areas of Your Life You Must Personally Develop

Which of you intending to build a tower will not count the cost (Luke 14:28)?

Like I earlier wrote, most times we embark on a personal development spree without sitting to count the cost. For instance, you may want to buy a phone that will cost you $700 yet a laptop that will cost you $100 to fix sits in shambles, gathering dust. What is wrong with you?

Another example, you have the opportunity to invest or grow a business with the limited funds you have but you would rather buy a wig that adds zero intelligence to your I.Q to sit atop your head. Zero mind estate, zero real estate, zero personal development priorities.

Is it needful?

Is it expedient?

Is it necessary?

These are some of the most important question you may have to ask yourself when making a decision that will fully impact your life in these five areas I am about to mention.

My Five Fs of Personal Development


Do you believe in the existence of God? Or do I need to refer you to the movie, “God’s Not Dead”?

Faith is not only blind belief. It is conviction that runs deeper than words. Without faith, you can do nothing. For me, to acknowledge the one true God, worship His majesty and serve His purposes is faith. To do that however, I must be committed to developing myself personally.

Also, my faith also requires that I believe in the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Where do you still need to grow in God? Do you even know God? If you don’t, He should be included in that personal development plan of yours because you too can know Him personally.


Money…we all need it.

The subject of personal finance is one that you must factor into your personal development plan. Money answers all things. Money stops nonsense.

Another thing is money is a tool for impactful living. Money saves you time. Money will not grow by itself. You need to acquire the habits that make for a secure financial future and strive for mastery in the area of your value.

Our article on How to Build Personal Finance and Financial Discipline may be just what your need to get started in this area.


Here, I define family as any past, present and future advantageous destiny and biological connection in your life. Your family does not have to only constitute those related to you by blood.

They can be friends who over time have turned family, who share the same convictions and beliefs with you and who inspire, motivate and encourage you.

What strategic relationships are you building? Who are the men and women of destiny you wish to enter your future with?


Your focus is your purpose. Your purpose is your focus. What is your assignment? One thing is needful. Have you found that thing? You cannot indefinitely do 1000 things at the same time and expect to have a focus.

A personal development plan in the area of your focus will help you strategically execute goals and deliver destiny.


Your health is an asset, guard it. If health fails, all else will fail. You must equally have a personal development plan in the area of your health. Exercise, eat good food and repeat.

The Labour Dimension of Personal Development

Proverbs 14:23 says, “In all labour there is profit but the talk of the lips only tend to penury.”

To successfully achieve your personal development goals, you must embrace the labour dimension of success.

You must be diligent, you must be strategic, you must be resilient, and you must have endurance. Your threshold for pain must be higher than that of the average person on the street.

To grow personally, you must invest:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Resources

4. Emotions

5. Relationships

Life is now in session…are you present?

-John C. Maxwell


Six Laws for Your Personal Development

1. The Law of Intentionality

John C. Maxwell said, “Life is now in session, are you present?”

Where intentionality is concerned, you must identify the gaps responsible for where you are currently.

Assumption – you think you will grow automatically.

Knowledge – you lack the knowledge required to grow. Go after relevant and strategic knowledge.

Timing– you are always waiting for the right time to start. The last best time was yesterday, the next best time is now.

Mistake – you are afraid of starting.

Perfection – you are looking for the perfect way to begin.

Inspiration – you bank on feel-good to do good.

Comparison – the imposter syndrome. You think everyone else is better than you

Expectation – you don’t accurately count the cost and so you experience shock when the going gets tough and pull out.

Find what gap you need to tackle and ensure it is captured in your personal development plan.

2.The Law of Awareness

To grow yourself, you must know yourself.

Do you know what you want to do?

Do you know why don’t you want to do it?

Do know the difference between what you want and what you are good at?

If you don’t know yourself, you cannot even begin to craft a personal development plan in the first place.

3. The Law of  Value/ Mirror

You must believe that you are worth the time, energy and effort needed to develop yourself. The value you place on yourself is usually the value other people place on you.

If you want to feel valuable, add value to others. If you are not valuable, nobody will reward you. Personal development in the area of value will bring both cash and kind rewards to you.

You will only be of much value to others as you have been to yourself.

4. The Law of Consistency

There is the sacrificial dimension of consistency. Personal development will draw blood from you. There are times when you may not feel committed to the plan but consistency will ensure you stay at it. It is not enough to decide, you must commit.

5. The Law of Mentorship

You cannot be your own reference point for growth. Even Jesus had to do what He saw the Father do. You are good compared to who and what?

is not your friend. Your mentor is a messenger your future sends you about the kind of person you must be to enter into the fullness of it. Your mentor must:

Be Exemplary

Be Available

Have Track record

Have Wisdom

Give Friendship and support

6. The Law of Capacity

Back when I started writing, I made up my mind that before I say, “I cannot do this”, I would first try all possible means to learn it and do it first.

Start doing more than is expected.

Start thinking, “how can I?”

Start doing important things daily.

We found this personal development plan template and guide from Brian Tracy helpful.

If you found this article helpful, please share with a friend who needs to embark on a personal development journey!

Love you muchly!




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