Safaya Story

Process adds beauty to success…

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By Ene Adeka

Hey there Black Jewel! Do you know that one of the reasons precious stones are so beautiful is the intense heat and pressure changes they experience while they are still buried in the heart of the earth? The transformation processes they undergo are so unique to them that a slight change in process can either produce a beautiful and dazzling gem or an ugly lump of a stone.

Safaya (Sapphire) is one of such precious stones…a beauty to behold and fit to grace the neck of any woman. It is the third hardest mineral after diamond and also the birthstone of the month of September so hey! If you were born in the month of September, you were not only born in the month of greatness but you have absolutely every reason to twinkle like a star. Safaya symbolizes truth, faithfulness, love and longing and like any other precious stone also undergoes intense changes before its beauty shines forth.

We call you “Safaya” because you are a beauty, a gemstone and Africa’s biggest secret. You hold the key to the wealth, welfare and happiness of many and as such when life presses down hard on you, remember that every precious stone needs the pressure before it can be mined and admired by all.

When problems and challenges knock you down, get up, dust yourself up and get right back on track. Gems do not cry, they shine…let those glowing embers of coal be fanned to flames and allow the fire within you burn until it can warm others. You are like starlight in the dark so glow until your light lit up the darkness and others see it as the “light at the end of the tunnel.

Faya on girl!

Ene Elizabeth Adeka is a freelance writer and editor with Blacksafaya follow her on twitter @Eneric24

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