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Publishing a New Book: 5 Questions You Must Answer

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By| Ene Elizabeth Adeka|

“Ene, how do I become an author?”

In 8 years of writing, I have had to answer this particular question more times than I can count. Publishing a new book is no small feat especially if you have never done it before.

In this article, I have condensed my years of working with people across different industries and niches who wish to write a book to help you get started on your writing journey. So shall we?

So You Want to Publish a New Book…


Relax. Publishing a new book is like learning how to ride a bicycle. Sometimes you fall, other times you ride.

There are five dangerous questions you must ask yourself before you put pen to paper or fingers to type.

I often advise wannabe authors to spend time answering these questions before they embark on their publishing journey. But you know how it is with some people, they never listen until the fire scorches them.

The 5 P’s of Publishing a New Book

1. Purpose (Why)

“Ene I want to publish a book.”

Beautiful. But why?

To quote Late Dr. Myles Munroe,

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Why do you want to write that story? Your “why” is the most important question to ask yourself before you begin to write.

It is the reason why you will be committed to publishing a book even when you don’t feel like it. Your “why” is the motivation fuel that will keep you burning the midnight candle.

Take for instance my “why ” for writing this article: I am tired of  explaining these five steps every now and then so putting it here will save me time.

The next time someone says, “How do I go about publishing a book?” I will simply send  this link. See that?

Your Purpose is Divided into Two

1. Intrinsic or Internal: If it makes you happy, more efficient, fulfilled or proud of yourself, your purpose is internal.

2. Extrinsic or External: This book will grow your business, this book will save you lots of time, this book will bring in good money or this book will build your portfolio and credibility in your field.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, your purpose for writing is external. Please and please, know your purpose, know peace. No purpose, no peace.

Complete this: I want to write this book because it will help ———————–.


2. People (Who)

I am not amazed when people begin to write without having a clear picture of who they are writing for.

I know who I am writing this article for…you. Lol. If you know why you want to write that book, you will know whom you’re writing for.

Have a clear target audience in mind and the easiest way to do so is to pick one person out of the entire pool of people you wish would buy your book and write as if you are writing for that person alone.

Research that person so well that when your book falls into their hands, they will have a moment of epiphany. Be prophetic and pro-active.

Profile these people according to age, sex, occupation, location, interests, fears, desires, educational level, social and religious background, etc.

Know your audience so well that they can’t ignore you and then position your book to solve their pain points or their pleasure hunting.

Complete this: This book is for that person who strongly desires to —————–.


3. Price (How Much)

Never run away from “pricing” your book. Even if it doesn’t cost you a dime, it will cost you time. And time, my very good friend, is real money.

Ask yourself, is this a passion project (non-profit) or you are here for the money? This will help you set your priorities right.

It is foolish to write a book expecting to make money and when we ask you how much you wish to sell the book, you say, “Let’s just publish first.”

Publish first? Publish what exactly?

Let me break this down for you…if you wish to make for instance $10000 off the sales of your book, then it means that you must calculate how much each copy you sell will contribute to the realization of that financial goal.

Don’t be the guy who publishes first and prices second. It’s suicide.

Complete this question: To make $— amount off my book, I intend to sell each copy at $—-

On the flip side, if you want to give it away for free, it is also fine. I just need you to know if you are an NGO or a businessman ready to make profit off publishing a book.


4. Plan (Who Has Done it & How)

In my country, Nigeria, we often use this slang: follow who know road.

A mentor is the clearest picture of your desired future. If you don’t have a reference starting point, any and everything will look like a plan and strategy.

You want to write but you have no mentors; the last time you read anything was the ingredient on the chocolate wrapper you opened; you don’t even know five bestselling authors in your niche.

Your book will not sell. That is the honest truth, my very good friend. Mentorship is powerful. I have been mentored and continue to be mentored by Emeka Nobis, Chandler Bolt and Tom-Corson Knowles. I also religiously follow Brian Tracy and Seth Godin.

Complete this Question: ——-, —— and —-are the clearest representation of the writer I want to become.


5. Platform (Where)

A platform is where this book you intend to write will be shown. You must carefully choose your platform based on your audience as well as your location.

Here are a list of go-to platforms I usually give my clients:

1. Amazon

2. Okada Books (Nigerian Authors)

3. Self-Hosted Website/Blog

4. Google Drive

PS: For Google Drive, you will have to involve third party payment apps (Paystack if you’re Nigerian is a good one).  Your readers can then purchase the book before being redirected to a download page.

For paperbacks or hard copies, you may have to establish a relationship with a publisher.

Complete this Question: I intend to publish my book on ———, —— and ——-.



6. Promotion

The real work begins when your book is out. If you are afraid of marketing your book, you won’t make sales. You have to go out in earnest  and shout on the roof tops for people to come buy your book.

If you are on a generous budget, you can run sponsored ads. If you are on a lean budget, be prepared to talk about your book every day. No day should end without you telling someone about your book.

For promotion, choose platforms that are in sync with your book and where the majority of your audience converge (especially social media).

Complete this Question: I intend to promote my book using on —–, —— and —. I  will commit $—– to sponsor ads for my book.

So… Let’s Recap!

To write a book, you must know:

1. Your Purpose

2. Your People

3. Your Price

4. Your Plan

5. Your Platform

6. Your Promotion

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