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As part of our commitment to helping writers who are yet to define or develop their platforms gain expertise, build a portfolio and ultimately learn the ropes of content writing, we are once again opening for guest blogging, article writing and external author submissions.

This guide contains all the hullabaloo you need to know to make it to the front page of the blog. The closer your submission looks to this guide, the more likely we will accept your article submission.


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Quick Overview for a Successful Article Submission
  3. Adult Content
  4. Plagiarism
  5. Popular Content Type
  6. Our Core Values
  7. Humour
  8. Author’s Voice
  9. Profanity
  10. Demographics
  11. General Edits
  12. What’s in it for you?

Quick Overview for a Successful Article Submission

Straight to the point, your article should reflect all of the following:

  1. Article must be written in perfect English, preferably native speaker. This is the number one reason we reject lists.
  2. The article must be from one of any categories on the blog.
  3. If you are writing on a subject already covered on Black Safaya or elsewhere on the Internet, your new submission must be original. We do not accept submissions that are copies or re-workings of previous articles or content found on our website or other websites.
  4. While you are free to experiment with your voice and tone, the subject matter must match our site style. We are big on simplicity so kindly ditch archaeological diction or unnecessarily difficult dialogue. Life is simpler with simple sentences.
  5. If you wish, you can include links to suitable YouTube videos. If you want to include photos, we recommend the sites and

Adult Content

No porn, no xxx content of any kind whether gay, bisexual, asexual or whatever. Please and please…we do not publish such. In the event that you have to write fiction that contains romantic excerpts or steamy content, censor your sensuality.


If you pass off the hard work of another as yours, the internet will fish you out and we will blacklist you. Do you copy?

Where you have to mention an external work, please link to source, and give them a worthy mention.

Quantity of Submissions

You can write as much as you wish, but the best writers know it takes more than just typing to write even one article so we encourage you to take out time and churn out a good piece. One well-written article is better than 100 half-heartedly written ones.

Popular Content

Black Safaya readers are big on the relationship, lifestyle and writing categories. If you tailor your submission to these tastes, you will have a far greater chance of having your list accepted for publication.

Our categories include

  • Relationships (Love, Romance and Friendships)
  • Writing (Self-publishing, Freelancing, Copywriting and Content Writing)
  • Lifestyle (Personal Finance, Faith, and Personal Development)

Our Core Values







Your article should be LOVED!


We know life is serious and you are even more serious but laughter is a proof of peace so try to infuse humour when you can.  Now, we didn’t say you should bring the circus to the party. We are trying to lighten hearts, not give cardiac arrests.

Author’s Voice

We consider you and your work a unique piece of art so it is okay to let your authentic self shine through. Ultimately, your readers should perceive you as credible, confident, and competent, and not a copycat.


Aha! We do not publish profane words on Black Safaya unless it is part of a sourced quote, the title of something published or dialogue in a piece of fiction. Use em-dashes to obscure parts of the profane words. You can deliver premium writing without profane vocabulary.


Here’s a breakdown of the people who will read your work:

  • About 5% of our readers are under 18
  • 75% are between 18 and 34
  • 20% are over 34

We write for the intelligent 18+ audience so your article should be simple and easy to read but not casual.

General Edits

We may rewrite or edit small portions of your work but the less editing we need to do the more likely your work will be published. Any list that requires a whole lot of edit will not be published.

After a period of evaluation, and upon review of your curated articles, you can apply to become a member of our freelance team or move on to bigger things.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to get honest feedback on your writing.
  • A platform to showcase your work. Most companies looking for content writers would like to see a portfolio of previous works. We will be more than happy to write you a recommendation and you are free to reference us as part of your portfolio.
  • An opportunity to earn while you learn. Occasionally, we receive openings for writers across the world. If the hat fits you, we’ll be sure to give you to wear.
  • Learn to write profitable, build your audience and grow your influence free of charge.

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