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 Hello Fiery One!

I know you have all that New Year vibe on and so have I! In fact, to kick your energy levels a notch higher, I have decided to gift you a new power packed series! Talk about extra batteries!


How Financially Prepared Are You for 2018?

In the first quarter of this year, Safaya Money will be focused on getting you to that financial acme you have always desired. It will come in bits and per article but trust me girl! It will to be worth it. Before I go on with too much mene mene, let’s get to the real ado.

Safaya Money is proud to announce to you, our Smart Money Tips (SMT)!!!


In the next few weeks, we will be sharing some working and practicable smart money tips that can get you all geared up to take you earnings and wealth to another level. We have done our research, taken notes, read books (which we will share with you also) and have discovered certain tips that can help you change your financial culture and history!

Ready for the real deal?


Just before we start, here’s a precursor:

First of all babes, you have got to realize that money doesn’t fall from the sky. While you could do some of your girlish abracadabra, flip those lashes, deliver that smile and get those brothers falling, money will not fall on you that way. Oh yes! You have got to cleanse your mind, body and soul of every “I do not have to work for it’ syndrome.”  You must work for it girl. The Black Safaya way does not endorse inactivity in any way into your financial lifE. Again, our way is legit. Go ask Ophrah Winfrey, and even the Kardashians if you will, it all boils down to one thing; work for it. Let the brothers go! Free them a little bit and be that woman of steel that can take control of her finances.


Our Smart Money Tips

SMT #1

Get busy with a goal

You need money huh? We all do, even the Bible says ego (money) answereth all things (Eccl 10:19), but if all you do is sit, chat and pray, money will not come your way. Yes it won’t, you need to gainfully secure an avenue of income. Get something doing, brand your skills into a business, use your wits in lucrative businesses, get a job, and do not waste any of that valuable and potential “money” making time over amebo, sharwamah and talk -talk (girly chats).


Don’t get me wrong o, prayer works, the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing” (1st Thess 5:17) but girl, how about that portion in James 2:26 that says “Faith without works is dead”? You swept that one under the carpet abi? While I can agree that due perseverance and even the right chat can get you a credit click, it only comes steadily if you are offering value. So girl, start earning today, work it out.

Here’s how you can easily get busy with your goa1

  • Value your gifts: Many of us have skills we do not even recognize and a host of persons are making a living out of such! There are things you do at leisure that can fetch you cash. There is no smarter money tip than making money from your fun activities. Brand it!


  • Utilize opportunities: Many opportunities slip by us every single day. Life always presents us with alternatives, but in order to see it, we must first of all be ready to try new things.  A common saying goes thus; “Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”

Are you a student that can bake mountains? If you pay attention closely, you will notice that you have come across people who needed birthday cakes and the likes. Now my question is, how many did you turn down with flimsy excuses like, “I value my sleep”,  “it is too stressful”,  and “they won’t pay well” etc? Have you taken those small opportunities that can set you afloat for bigger ones or have you let them slip by? Benjamin Franklin has this to say: “To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”


  • Work with a team: There’s a level you can get to that you cannot work efficiently alone, and there are some kinds of businesses you cannot run alone. Nobody is a superwoman, you could know how to deliver catering services very well, but you may not be so skilled in event decorations. Don’t let other lapses slow you down, or discourage you. All you need is collaboration (click here to collaborate) You can employ a friend, a cousin’s colleague or even a relative who is skilled in the latter on a contractual basis (per delivery) and take your commission off it. Don’t you see some Smart Money there huh?


SMT #2

Watch your spending

Making smart money doesn’t just involve earning it, it extends to accumulating it. You must tacitly and consciously groom your wealth by controlling how your funds go out. Spending is a common challenge with us beautiful African women. The prevalent culture is to look as “big” as you earn, and sometimes, even bigger. But that is grossly wrong, and it will be difficult to earn enough when we live by that mentality and superficial standard. Let the world create its own standards, you live by yours.


If you must make and retain smart money, you must monitor your spending like you monitor your income.  You must be conscious of what goes into your apparels, bags and shoe collections, your hair dos and even body care.

The truth is most of us love the flashy and trendy things, but most times you can look very good with alternatives that are of similar quality at lesser costs. Until you have become a brand name yourself, go easy on the designer brand names. Spend within your limits! We are not just talking you into a seemingly “hard” lifestyle, in fact life is easier with ,these principles, trust me.

The truth is, there are certain refining attitudes, attributes and thought patterns that are common with wealthy women who have taken the wheels of financial freedom. However, they offer value to the world, earn money, and live within their means. Arese Ugwu agreed to this in her book, The Smart Money Woman and Ophrah has identified these tips countless times in different tones.


So girl, let’s get started! Practice these tips and get our names on the Forbes list (remember I talked about goals). In 2018, as you practice the SMT, bring out the best of those financial chords in you, become money wise, and spend consciously.

If you are in let me hear you say “uh huh” and watch how massive 2018 will be. Do you have suggestions on how we can earn more and save wella, please do share in the COMMENT BOX. Next week, we will deal on two more powerful SMT tips. Until then…

faya on!




  2. Thanks for reading….

    Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

    #cheers to a moneyfull 2018#

  3. Wow! Until you have become a brand name yourself, go easy on the designer brand names. I love your SMT girl..Bravo!

  4. George Aaron Reply

    This is a rich write up. It’s all true. Don’t wait for anyone or depend on anyone for your provisions; just work it out, else you’ll be taken for a ride and that’s what’s happening to our ladies this days.
    Work/labour doesn’t kill,it only makes you stronger and even more respected as a lady, because I personally love ladies that are industrious.
    Laziness tends to Penury, and makes us start pointing accusing fingers either at the National National government or anyone we can lay hand on.
    Generally, a nice write up.Hope to see more of this…..

  5. Dr.BunMi-SaX Reply

    Lovely and awesomely stated out…….
    Focus factor ….
    Thanks dear …….

    • You’re most welcome..

      Safaya Promises to keep delivering better… #stay tuned.

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