Social Distancing: Should I Text my Ex?

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Social distancing a.k.a don’t come too close please!

Coronavirus lockdown has got you catching feelings you threw in the thrash? Phew! Now is the time to apply social distancing my queen!

I know you’re tired of the word but permit me to add that besides potential coronavirus patients, another unofficial  patient you should avoid is your ex. He has the virus.

Pain virus.

Toxic virus.

It -will-end-in-tears virus.

Social Distancing from Your Ex is not a Bad Idea

Texting your ex will always look like a harmless idea until you wake one day to discover you moonwalked your way out of  a good relationship and back to a toxic one.

I get it.

The #lockdown has got you thinking up creative ideas on how to cope with the #stayathome boredom. Social distancing even makes it worse since your friends cannot visit.

So now you’re left alone with your phone, a couple of books, lots of food and the desire to text that man!

Phew! You will never go back to toxicity.

Trust me, whatever boredom you feel now will be nothing compared to the pain of  resurrecting a failed relationship.

Look at me honey! Let that man go. Social distance now!

Social Distancing Will Make You Think Up Stupid Things

Did your current partner annoy you into remembering the good old times you had with Mr. Ex?

Perhaps he just did something “Lanre with all his cheating  did not do” and now that you have compared and contrasted your options, the cucumbers in Egypt seem like a better deal than this promised land.

We have all been there but what makes the difference between you and the girl who is going to be in tears at the end of this lockdown is what you choose to do with that feeling.

Wanting to text your ex is not a bad feeling. It is actually a dangerous feeling especially if the relationship was more toxic than memorable for you while it lasted. You may even need to apply social distancing to your phone.

Understand that your current relationship won’t always be a bed of roses. Sometimes, he will  act like an insensitive daddy bear and leave you with some bruises (not domestic violence please).

Texting your ex is not going to take away the fact that you run away from making things work at the slightest hint of a quarrel with your partner.

It only shows your commitment levels to the relationship and how ready you are to leave the present, and moonwalk yourself to the past.

Please! Whatever happens during this lockdown, do not give in to the temptation to text your ex. I take  God beg you.

25 Reasons Why Texting Your Ex While Observing Social Distancing is a Bad Idea

Except you called it quits and now that you have realized your mistake, you wish to make things right, here is why social distancing from your ex is necessary.

 1. If he misses you, then he would be the one sending the first text. Except if you blocked him of course.

2. We call him  your ex-boyfriend for a reason. Have you so soon forgotten why?

3. Even if you miss him, he belongs where he is currently (in the past) and not your life.

4. Talking to him will only reopen old wounds. You don’t heal a wound by constantly touching it.

5. You are way better than the remembrance sex he’ll come with.

6. No! Second chances shouldn’t be that easy to get especially from a man who dumped you for no reason.

7. You gave him everything. He still left. What exactly do you think will make him stay?

8. Most of the time, staying friends with your ex fails miserably. You don’t change a man’s mind by challenging his decision.

You walk away and become the best version of yourself. If he likes what he sees, he’ll be back faster than a bee follows the scent of a flower.

9. These standards you want to lower will humble you. Better to keep them for a good man.  To be more specific, your  husband or the next guy that understands how much of a spec you are.

10. “You can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.” — Robin Scherbatsky

11. I know you need closure but sometimes, you have got to perform that operation on your own.

12. Your heart will have an easier time healing once your ex is out of the picture completely. Remember the old saying, “You cannot heal in the presence of an injury?”

13.  If he has changed, by God, you will feel it in your gut. Sometimes, the change you want is a permanent personality trait not  a character flaw.  Step aside for the woman who can handle his madness.

14. You actually think if you did more, he’d have stayed some more. Stop the what ifs.  It’s over.

15. You are way out of his league, regardless of how shitty he made you feel.

16. Its OK to cry over him even when you know he’s not crying over you. It means you’re not living in self denial. When you’re done, wipe the tears and find courage to live daily until the pain goes away.

17.  You are out to find revenge. Take a back seat, sis. We  are not out to find revenge. You have nothing to prove. Go out to find happiness.

18.  The single life is boring. That’s a lie. Don’t believe all the lies about how awful the single life is. It is not.

19. This pain is only temporary. Remember that when you want to let him in.

20. You don’t love yourself. You have to find ways to love yourself regardless.

21. Remember, you are more beautiful when you’re smiling — and you are smiling more without him.

22. Texting him will bring back so many hurting memories especially if he does not text back.

23. You’re afraid of being alone. I know this one so well.  Start enjoying your own company dear.

24.  You are setting yourself up for more pain on purpose.

25. Let him go. Remember these three words always and remember that you’re still the one trying to make things work.

What if the Breakup Was my Fault?

While you may think this is the right time to patch things up, I suggest you don’t jump right back in.

Ask yourself some deep questions like:

1. Am I bored or I seriously realize how dumb my decision was?

2. Is he in a relationship now?

3. Are we better off as friends?

4. Am I ready to commit to him 💯% ?

5. Am I ready to do what it takes to make it work if he gives me a second chance?

6. Am I emotionally stable enough to bring a man into my boat?

How to Be Socially Distant from your Ex

1. Decide what you want in a relationship and stick to it.

2. Remember why you left and remind yourself that a toxic partner will be never grow you or be a source of peace.

3. Texting your ex is a hard thing to avoid but with an accountability partner, you can avoid their DMs.

4. Stop stalking him on social media. Unfollow  him on all channels if possible. Social distance yourself from all his handles too.

5. Get busy. What are the things you’ve been saying you’d do but his presence made you insecure about them? Start them now!

6. Forgive him and move on.

7. Pray for the next man.

8. Pick one of the free online courses that have been flying around. Learn a thing or two about social distancing for coronavirus while you’re at it.

And just in case you’re a man, please don’t text her too!


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