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The Corridors of Coincidence: Episode 3

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V is for Virtuous

Deola was still fuming. Not only was Kayode boring, he had dared to preach down at her. She hissed when she thought about the big fight that led to her seeing Gracie.

Kay had said it was unhealthy to visit Deola while she was away and besides, he had lectures and students to attend to. As a young graduate assistant in the department of English Language, ABU Zaria, he was working hard to rise to the top of his career.


Deola was not exactly open with him but she knew things had progressively become difficult in their relationship ever since she left for that yeye NYSC.  Nevertheless, she had accepted his explanations and had endured their time apart.

Then she returned and they set up the meeting that had eventually turned bloody.

Deola had arrived Kay’s apartment to find him pacing up and down his newly rented place. Her stomach knotted even as she tried to wade off the sinking feeling in her stomach.

“Hi Deola. Please come inside.”

Deola could not believe her ears.

The man said “hi”, after a hellish one year of separation. Which kain tin be this? Even Pastor Ola hugged me ooh.

“Well done Kayode. How have you been? It’s been a while,” she said instead.

She could feel the anger gradually rising to the surface.

“Yes, my dear. How was NYSC?”

“NYSC is over Kayode.”

She greeted him with a cold stare, annoyed from the second she walked through the door.

“Ok dear. Would you like something to eat?”

Maybe this time it would be amala and ewedu not pounded yam. Maybe he even took his food selection prowess a bit further this time and sprinkled black pepper on the soup so that she will just die from the pepper.

“I would like us to discuss something Kayode.” She ignored his invitation to dinner.

“After you have eaten, my dear.”  Kayode replied.

Deola turned her eyes to the food that he had set in front of her.

God please, not amala, she prayed.

“It’s your favourite, fried rice and jollof  by the side. Plantain too,” he supplied again as if he’d read her mind

Deola blinked, yawned. “Huh?”


Ehnnn.” She needed no further invitation. “You are right, after I have had dinner, we’ll talk.”

When she was done, Kay moved to clear up after her. “So what was it you wanted to discuss?”

“Nothing much, I have a birthday party to attend in Kaduna on Saturday.”

He paused.

“Birthday party?”

“Yes.” She examined her fingernails, satisfied that the nail polish was still intact.

“But Deola, you just got back. Aren’t we supposed to spend some time together to catch up on events and talk about the future?” Kay was surprised.

“We just did, Kayode. Besides, I’ll be back by Sunday.”

“Really? You’re sleeping over? And you just thought to inform me now? Deola, a virtuous woman does – “

“– not attend parties. I know sir. But we both know it’s just a little get together and not a gathering of demons. Kayode you need to stop being judgmental and loosen up,” she finished off.

“Whose party is it anyway and am I invited?”

Deola almost toppled over. Kay in a birthday party?The rapture should just happen already.

“Glow’s birthday party and no Kayode, you are not invited. It is strictly by invitation.”

Kayode set down the plates. His gaze locked with hers and he searched her deep and wide. He could read her thoughts just by looking at her.

“Who else is going with you? Gracie?”

“Oh! Please stop this already. Why are you acting like the CIA?”

“I’m your boyfriend, Deola. I believe even heaven recognizes my authority in – “

“Oluwa oh!” she clapped both hands. “Kayode, I think I should leave now before we begin a bible study I am not prepared for.”

“The same Glow who emptied a bucket of dirty water on you in the hostel simply because she thought you were dating her boyfriend? Deola have you lost your mind?”

“Bygones are bygones. She apologized and I have accepted it. Besides, it’s been a while since I visited that town and it’s just Barnawa sef. All work and no play makes Deola a dull girl abegi.”

He was on his feet already. This was not the docile and quiet Deola he had met in school. Something had come over her and whatever it was needed to be dealt with fast. He made a mental note to pray against manipulative spirits and stubbornness. Everyone knew Glow was bad news. She was the one girl he’d never have his babe frolicking with.

“Mr. Virtuous man, I said I’m leaving oh. Come and close your door.” She snapped.

“Don’t think about it. “ He kept his voice firm, unbreakable. You’re going to go back home and on Saturday, we’ll attend Bro. Jakes’ Worshippers Circle in the evening.”

“Or else what Kayode?” she took a step towards him. “You will report me to pastor Ola? Answer me nau.”

She was pushing him over the edge.

“Enjoy your trip Deola.”

And without another word, he turned and headed for the kitchen.

Deola felt stupid but her pride wasn’t about to take a bow. She turned to leave and then remembered she had not drunk the Chi Exotic fruit juice he had bought together with the food. She bent to pick it hoping he was not watching her from the open kitchen door.

How dare he refer to Glow and her birthday party as a company of demons? What was even wrong with this Kayode sef? She pulled out her mobile phone and angrily typed Gracie’s phone number.

“How far?” Gracie had answered the minute the dial tone had sounded.

“Fire on the mountain oh! Where are you? “

“I was just about to get food. Where are you?”

“I am –sorry – was at Kay’s. See ehn, Gracie, I am tired oh.”

“Calm down, take a bike to Samaru. I will be waiting for you at North Gate. “

“Gracie I need a break from him. I feel suffocated.”

“We’ll talk when you get here, just don’t lose that temper of yours at his place. In fact, why did you visit him?”

“Ehhnn! Gracie don’ start with me oh. I even forgot you are the female version of Kayode. Every time church and bible study. In fact ehn, don’t bother waiting. I’ll just head home.”

“Just come, Deola.” Gracie ended the phone call.

Deola was about to flag down a motorcycle when a car pulled up beside her.

She stepped back and tried to see through the tinted glasses. She hissed and stopped another motorcycle when the windows of the glass were rolled down to reveal the person behind the wheels.

Deola’s jaw dropped.

Episode 4 comes up next week


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