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The Corridors of Coincidence: Episode 6

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Sanctimonous Love

“Hello Kayode,” Gracie tried to cut him off before he got to her friend.

She wished Deola knew how lucky she was and would just have the sense to treat this good man that God had sent into her life with courtesy and respect.

“Who was that man that dropped you off Deola?” Kayode did not bother to answer Gracie.

“What sort of interrogation is this again ehn? Kayode are you stalking me? “Attack was the most effective form of defence, she thought.

Both girls quickly exchanged glances as Deola’s eyes begged Gracie to step in and save the day.

Not today baby girl.

“Answer,” Gracie silently mouthed from beside Deola before she turned to the waiter who had promptly appeared to take Kayode’s order. He needed no further explanation as Gracie’s cold stare sent him scurrying like a rat back to his duty post.

“Why have you suddenly started acting this way Deola? You have changed so much since you came back from Port Harcourt. When did you become so stubborn and rebellious?

“First, you adamantly insist on going to a party hosted by a girl whose company is so corrupt and now you have started taking rides from strangers. A man just dropped you off! Have you forgotten everything we learnt about godly relationships? What is the matter with you Deola?”

At this point, Deola was alternating between contempt and guilt and she hated it. Kayode was acting like he was her father or pastor. She had never expected their relationship to degenerate to this level but one year in Port Harcourt had exposed her to what she termed “woke relationships.”  Where was the passion and romance she often read about in those classic novels? Everything now revolved around church and Bible studies. When the last time Kayode even told her she was was beautiful? She was becoming too suffocated and was fast reaching her breaking point.

“Answer me nau, madam. So men who ride Benz now give you lifts abi?” he continued.

She bit back a scorching answer and stared into nothingness.

“Which of your million dollar questions “– she tossed an unruly strand of the braids that sat on her head like a pile of ropes over her shoulder – “ should I answer first Kayode?”

“So just because I told you I wanted to attend a birthday party and a good Samaritan did me a favour by dropping me off, it means that I have backslidden abi? I have turned the worst sinner in the world, isn’t it Kayode?”

A muscle twitched in his jaw.

 “I will not have you avoid the matter at hand. All I am saying is your actions recently are not becoming of a virtuous wo –”

“Just hold it there OK?” Deola angrily interrupted.  “I have had enough of your sanctimonious attitude. Since you obviously don’t consider me a virtuous woman, why are you in a relationship with me? If it’s not ‘Deola your skirt is short,’  it’s ‘Deola this jeans is too tight.’ 

Give me a break Kayode, give me spaaaaaaaaace.”

Gracie watched the exchange and knew without a doubt that her friend was in the wrong. Deola was still clinging to the unrealistic fantasies of those romantic novels they had guzzled when they were younger. She herself had grown up and had long faced reality but she wondered why Deola was just so stubborn. She had to be imparted with a good dose of common sense.

So she moved to save the day.

“Calm down Deola ah ah, why are you flaring up? That’s not what he meant and you know it.

“Just try to understand where he is coming from and you both should try not to raise the roof. That’s the essence of being in a relationship. Don’t try to block communication with your temper tantrums.”

“Help me tell her Gracie.”

He turned to Deola, “Deola, I am just voicing out my concerns. As the spiritual head over this relationship, I want to keep you away from ungodly influences. That’s all I want.” Kayode pleaded.

“Spiritual what? Ayemi oh! Gracie did you hear what he just said? Arrrgh!  Kayode kuku kill me oh.  So this is what I will be signing up for if we marry? “

Gracie’s mind drifted to her beloved Xander and she couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her man and Kayode. They were so much alike and they equally had a deep passion for God. She just couldn’t fathom why her friend was so blind. Thank God I understand submission, she thought.

“Deola, Pastor Ola said – “

“Kayode you can go and date Pastor Ola and what he said. I will be leaving now because I can’t stand the two of you.”

She picked up her bag and headed for restaurant’s exit as a bewildered Gracie tried to make sense of the full blown battle she had desperately tried to avoid for her friend.

Wetin join me for this matter now? I was only trying to help.” Gracie was annoyed.

 “Deola please don’t go.” Kayode moved to hold her hand.

Deola snatched her hand back and served  Gracie a cold stare.

“Let her go, Kayode. I suggest you go on a fast and ask God to intervene – “

“And while you are at it, also ask God for journey mercies for me as I leave for KD, you hear?” Deola’s retreating self interrupted Gracie.

Sanctimonious jerks, she thought as she walked away in anger secretly hoping to run into the stranger in the Benz.

She headed for makeshift Motor Park besides North Gate and entered a bus about to leave for Kaduna. There was the question of what she would wear for the party since she couldn’t risk running into Kayode should she go back to get a change of clothes.  Glow has fine, fine clothes. I’ll borrow one, she decided.

  “KD, four hundred and fifty naira…kawo kudin mota,” 1 the dirty bus conductor howled like a wolf as tiny specs of spittle flew from his mouth in different directions.

Deola who was seated directly in front of him pulled out a handkerchief from her bag and covered her face. Imagine what this Kayode has done to me. If only I will run into Mr Mercedes again, she was on the verge of tears as the car pulled out of the parking space and into the road.

The journey that will begin the rest of her life had started had begun but little did she know…

1. (Hausa) Bring your transport fare

Episode 7 comes up next week…

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