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The Corridors of Coincidence: Episode 8

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A Twist of Fate

Kaduna at last!
Even as Deola breathed in the dry air of Croc City, as Kaduna was fondly called she knew the worst was far from over. Kay had written her off as a “child of the world” simply because she had chosen to celebrate Glow’s special day with her. Deola had left for the party right after the argument with Kay to his utter amazement.

Now she had to think of an explanation for showing up early and also there was still the question of what she would wear for the party. She tossed aside the feeling she had of impending doom as she rattled off her destination to a loud bus boy or “conductor” as they were known around these parts.

She arrived at Glow’s house just in time for dinner. After serving her a refreshing bottle of orange and pineapple juice, she left Deola to rest as it was already dark. Exhausted from the day’s activities, Deola soon fell asleep, leaving Glow to finish planning her birthday party.

After a long night which in comparison felt like she had only a nano second rest, Deola roused to find the entire house bustling with activities. Glow’s parents were away on a trip to the Maldives hence the freedom to organize a ‘bash’. Finally the day was here and soon Glow’s friends started to troop in. Determined not to sell herself short, Deola decided against asking Glow for a change of clothes and opted instead to wear the one she had on. Glow breezed in just as Deola was about to join the throng of people in the living room.

“Is everything OK? Why are you looking at me that way, Glow?” Deola was nervous.

“Its nothing, um…are you going to wear that?” Glow pointed an insulting finger at Deola’s very modest midi skirt and blue blouse.

Deola was embarrassed.

“Sweetheart, this is a birthday party OK? You should wear something a bit more sexier and free so you can dance well.” Glow replied with a wink.

“I didn’t come with any dress that fits that description. I left Zaria in hurry.” Deola curtly replied.

“Its alright, I will give you one of mine.”
Glow rummaged through her closet and brought out a short, but attractive blue gown.

“Here” – she said giving it to Deola – ” try this one on.”

It was a perfect fit, well above her knees and hugged all the curves of her body. She felt awkward but beautiful as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“You look stunning. Let’s make you up.” Glow added.

Deola sat down and Glow brought out her make up box. She had a lot of products from different brands; Mary Kay, Fenty Beauty, ABH and Mac. Glow gave her a nice look. It was subtle and Glow said she had to make it light because her dress was already a focal point.

As Deola, entered the living room of Glow’s family mansion, she felt so nervous and awkward. She was obviously out of her element with these people but tried not to show it. She had promised herself that she would do her best to blend in and act normal. She looked around for a place to sit and found a plush armchair. As she sat, the short blue gown rode up and she awkwardly tried to look modest as she studied and observed everything around her. Glow’s family was obviously very affluent. Everything from the furniture to the decor reeked of wealth and abundance. Even the food and drinks showed that Glow had spent a lot of money on this party. She had been surprised when Glow had even invited her for the party. Judging from the manner and clothes of the guests, this was definitely an exclusive party.

Soon, she spotted Glow looking stunning in a red shimmering gown that draped gracefully over her physique. She wore a pair of diamond earrings and necklace that Deola could swear had cost nothing less than six figures. Deola stood to go and compliment Glow’s look only to freeze at the sight of the man who accompanied Glow as she walked from guest to guest.

It was the Benz guy!!!

Deola became slightly jittery and nervous. The truth was she had been thinking about him since he gave her a lift. Glow finally pulled her out of her revelry as she greeted her warmly.

“Deola, I hope you are enjoying yourself. Don’t just sit in one place oh. Come on, dance and meet new people.”

“Um, I will try to. I forgot to give you this” – Deola said, handing her a parcel containing a pair of shoes she had spent so much money on – “happy birthday.”

“Awww. Thank you so much dearie. I really appreciate this. Please make yourself comfortable.

” There is a lot of assorted food and drinks so just make your choice OK? Please enjoy yourself. ”

“I will. Thank you.” Deola said desperately hoping Mr. Benz won’t recognize her.

David had seen her while she was talking to Glow and was systematically waiting for her to finish. As soon as Glow walked away, he proceeded towards Deola.
Deola’s heart began to beat like the rhythms of an African Drumbeat as he came closer. She tried to still herself. She had not noticed how how dangerously handsome he was until now. He wore a black well – tailored suit that fi his body perfectly and highlighted his attractive muscles.

Deola thought to herself , why are you acting like a lovestruck teenager. Better behave yourself.

“Hello beautiful.” David said with a smile that made Deola’s heart race in several directions. “We meet again…seems fate is in my favour.”

Deola responded cooly, “Very funny because this look more lika a bad case of stalking than a twist of fate. How did you know Glow?”

“Well, she is actually my childhood friend. We grew up together, attended same schools until we left for our different Universities.”

“Oh. That’s nice.” She felt stupid.

“You look absolutely gorgeous. Did you come alone?”

“Thank you and yes I did. Why do you ask?”

“Just wanted to make sure I don’t get beaten up for talking to another man’s girl.

He paused.

Seeing that she made no move to correct him, he continued. ” My name is David. What’s yours?”

“I am Deola.”

“Deola. Beautiful name for a beautiful queen.”

“Yeah.You have probably told that to tons of other women.”

“I am not that kind of guy Deola. I don’t go about flattering women.”

There was something in the way he said it and the look in his eyes that made Deola believe him.

“In fact Deola, I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about you since that day I dropped you off. I would like to get to know you better if you don’t mind.”

Deola, pretending indifference, said, ” Try that with some other girl. What a clich√©. ”

“I mean it Deola. I just want to be friends. Nothing more.”

He waved two masculine-perfect arms in a bid to show he meant no harm.

” Um….can I at least have your number please? ”

“And if I say no?”

“Well, what can a man do but hope you don’t?”

“Just friends?” Her resolve was melting.

“Yeah. Just friends,” he said with a time stopping smile.

“OK fine.” Deola said and surrendered the combinations to her safe.

“Thank you so much gorgeous.”

“You are welcome. My name is Deola please.”

“One more thing -Deola,” he added. “Style is ten percent what you wear, twenty percent how you wear it and seventy percent how comfortable you are in it.

“It’s OK not to fit in as long as you’re comfortable in what you wear. You’re welcome.”

She felt naked. This arrogant hunk of flesh dare to speak about the length of her dress! She wanted to wrap her hands around his neck until his eyes popped out of their socket.

But he had probably seen many like her. It was obvious she was uncomfortable so she let the remark slide unchallenged.

David kept on staring her in the eyes, expecting her to lash out. Instead she smiled and smoothened the ruffles in the dress.

“I will take that as a compliment,” she replied cooly.

They talked throughout the entire party. It was as if they had known each other for years. Deola had apparently forgotten about Kayode or her initial resentment of David’s arrogant tongue.

Back in Zaria, Kayode was pacing back and forth in his house. He had dialled Deola’s number countless times but she hadn’t returned any of the calls. He was so worried and wondered whether he was probably being too hard on her. He sat down and put his head in his hands. He was not one to compromise but he decided that he would have a sincere talk with her and apologize for his attitude. Unknown to him, her heart had began to desire a stranger with a Benz.

Episode 9 comes up next week.


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