There is a Light in your Room: Light It!

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The light went off.

The vengeful heat my electric standing fan had been combating minutes before suddenly enveloped me in a warm hug.

Next came the annoying rendition of a song by the choir of mosquitoes in my room because as usual, I forgot to buy Raid; that kills insects instantly. And also because, I have obstinately refused to set up the insecticide-treated net  UNICEF distributes for free.

Somehow, I am more facinated by the fact that I have UN material in my house than motivated to do the right thing.

Tie your own net, nevertheless, mosquitoes have no ‘chill.’ And malaria is still around your area.

After about 10 minutes, I realized I was in total darkness and I switched on my phone’s  flashlight.

Imagine how long it took me to realize I was in darkness.

Stupid right?

Well it was not as foolish as remembering I have a new lamp; one of those rechargeable lamps that shine as bright as the sun in a glass bottle.

Mine is cute too…becsuse Bae got it. Bae knows how to buy cute things.

I got up to get my cute lamp and  then it dawned on me…

How many times have I sat in darkness wondering what to do when the solution was actually inside me?

Imagine having a lamp and yet sitting in darkness for over ten minutes simply because I had forgotten I had a lamp.

Perhaps you’re here.

Clueless, sitting in gross darkness and about to give up…

You have a lamp too.

They say you talk too much, you’re too tall, you’re too confident, your skin is black.

You see  all those “They Says” ? That’s your lamp.

If you don’t love your lamp, its light won’t shine.

There’s a light in your room.

Find it, light up the darkness.

Oh! The little demons have stopped singing.

Isn’t it amazing how this little light of mine, I have decided to allow shine has driven away all other troubles I have to deal with?

Except the heat of course.

I am going to take a shower while you find your light.

There’s a light in your room… remember where you kept it and then…

Light it!

If it doesn’t do much, it will at least drive out  the darkness in your heart.




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  1. Wow! This is so simple, practical and at the same time intriguing and challenging. Thanks so much dear for this.
    In finding our light we inspire others to do so.

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