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By Lamija Busayo

Hello Fiery One!

Welcome to Safaya’s Smart Money Tips Part Two (2). In last week’s article, we discussed two (2) effective smart money tips and how you can change your financial history, worth and value. If you missed that, click here.


In this sequel, I am going to share 2 powerful money secrets that many of us often overlook and why you must know them now. As a college studentyoung woman or even a housewife,  it is important you understand how your attitude governs whether money comes your way or leaves unexpectedly.

So, seat tight, fasten your belt and enjoy the ride!


Stop Being Complacent

Before we go into the real deal; here’s a precursor as usual. You must stop being complacent about your finances. Oh yes! Not until you stop being satisfied with your current financial status, you will not move forward.


You have to always aspire to be more, to be better, to save more, build more wealth and even earn better. That is the secret of constantly gathering and remaining wealthy.You may be having quite a voluminous source of income already, what you earn may be able to foot your immediate needs and leave you with some extra cash. But here’s the question; what happens if you lose your primary source of income?


Have you ever considered it, or do you always bind and cast the spirit that brings up the thought? And how long can your current capital last you? How much of a floating wealth do you have and just how dependent are you on your current source of income?

A wise man once said:

“You are wealthy when you can live in luxury outside your salary”

While you chew that,  I believe we have had a good start, so now, let’s get into our two powerful money secrets for the day.


Secret #1

Investors are the Next richest People

This is a real smart money tip that  lots of people do not know about. The current wealthiest men and women are individuals who invested years, months and days back; they did not just pop out of the blues with wealth and tomorrow’s wealthiest individuals will be those investing massively today!

So here’s what to do to maximize your finances with this secret.

Never Stop Investing!

On the first note you must never stop investing! You must never relent in putting some extra effort, time, and even money into possible profitable ventures. The difference between average earners and entrepreneurially wealthy individuals is their approach towards investment.


While the average income earner shucks it into family affairs leaving a meager sum for savings, an entrepreneurially minded person will triple that figure in just few years.

Here’s what Peter Lynch (a renowned investment expert) has to say regarding this;

“…in the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It is how much of that money you put to work by saving and investing it.

This is the difference between the average income earner  and the wealthy.

You must consciously plan to earn more and sustain more wealth; you must have a massive back up plan for yourself. That is how you keep afloat. You are not going to get the financial freedom you desire with one source of income, it has to come from a stream or a pool-like structure. Real Estate mogul, Robert Kiyosaki has always supported this line of argument.


One quote I love so much is Bob Parsons’,  it says:

“Never stop investing. Never Stop Improving. Never Stop doing something new”

Calculative investment and monetization is the best and only way to make it big legitimately. Quote me any and everywhere.


Busayo are you saying I should invest every dime?

No dahlink!

I know you have to smell good and look “hawt”. I am not saying you should save every nickel and dime and avoid your day to day responsibilities.

Find a startup, one with a viable potential for expansion and growth and invest if you have cash.  Alternatively,  you can begin to invest deliberately in quality relationships and your mind. Supposing you were Bill Gates’ best friend from way back when, how much do you think you’ll  be worth now?  Hehehe….see the gold in people when they still look like mud.


Dangote hasn’t stopped investing, neither has Bill Gates or even Hillary Clinton, why should you?

So dearest, except you are 100% satisfied with your finance level; aspire to be more of yourself financially, stop being complacent, stick with that friend and diversify your income!


Secret #2

Your Network impacts your Net-worth.

This is probably the most elusive money secret ever. The value of your network will largely have an impact on your income and ultimate net-worth. Let me break it down for you.


Supposing your friends are millionaires, it doesn’t matter whether the millions are in the future or their pockets, the probability of you being the fifth millionaire among them is high because consciously and unconsciously, you’d lean towards the decisions they make,  think the way they think and of course,  act the way they do.


This is the secret behind a lot of things; it is one of the reasons why individuals who are born with silver spoons and into wealthy homes hardly end up destitute and poor. They have a network of persons who can impact value into their lives even if they choose to sell fingernail clippings. You catch my drift?


The people you know, the people you meet and the quality of company you keep will either determine the propensity and ease at achieving your financial goal or slow you down. So my question now is “what is the quality of your network?” Are you still stuck with individuals who are change-phobic, and entrepreneurially unexposed???


Stock your contact with valuable ‘connect’

What I am suggesting here is not that you go on a wild craze hunt for ‘connect’ or ‘connection’ as many of our Nigerian fast money baes and bobos do. No, that is out; instead I am suggesting you stock up your contact list with persons who can help you, (download our self-help book here) who are travelling the same journey with you, a potential mentor, and friends who can offer value.

If there is any body in your life that isn’t offering value, then clear them off the list! If they do not inspire you to be better, to do more or be more, apologetically let them go!


How to get this valuable Network?

Many of us may not have the necessary information about how to get us the network we need. As a matter of fact you might be saying; “so what if I wasn’t born by a big figure?” Relax sweetheart ,  we are many. I won’t leave you today without giving you tips on how to do this. Pepper them like this:

  • Attend functions and official gatherings on your chosen niche or area: Do not cower in your web and sleep away your free time; attend functions, meet people and network. Dinners and social functions are a very good start. I did not say to go looking for man or woman!!!
  • Go on conferences and attend training in your chosen finance area. This affords you the opportunity to meet the ‘big figures’ and the potential ‘big figures’ in your niche and it gives them the opportunity to key into the value of your dreams your goal and your idea. You see what just happened right there? You are meeting potential investors!
  • Be social and always connect with people: Hear them out, understand their views, relate, communicate and socialize. Plus never slack in introducing who you are, what you can do and what dreams you carry.
  • Utilize your social media platforms. Not every time pictures and recycled jokes. Write sensible and relevant stuff on your timeline. Not every time deep nonsense.


Now that is a whole smart money package. Let’s end today with a quote from Mike Davidson:

“It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end it is people that are going to hire you.


Thanks for reading this week’s smart money secrets. Next week carries more promise. But before you go, if you are into some kind of business or you’re offering value, indicate in the comment box . Connect with other readers and…

Faya on!


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