Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him. Number 12 is a Must!

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner!
If you are hopelessly romantic like me, then you must be pretty worked up already trying to figure out what you can do for your man.

Even if gift giving is your primary love language, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man is not an easy task. Except if, you belong to that group of women who buy briefs and handkerchiefs for their men every year.

If you are a member of the association of girlfriends who buy only briefs as a way of showing love, please I beg you, 2020 is the year to upgrade.

Just recently, my friends and I planned a surprise couple getaway in my city. It was such a beautiful sight. This is why I have decided to help you put together a simple guide to surprising him this valentine.


Three Things to Note before Picking a Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

1. Your budget: While you want to go big on the surprise, it is only wise that you plan your Valentine’s Day surprise with a budget in mind. A budget will not only help you get the best gift, it will also help you avoid getting into unnecessary debt. Owe no man anything except love.

2. Be Practical: There is no point giving him a surprise ticket to the moon except if you mean “honeymoon.” While you may want something sweet, practical and heartfelt like your love for him, please get something he will find practical enough to use for day-to-day life.

3. Don’t Give a Gift Expecting to Receive One: If you give him a gift simply because you want to receive one, it is not a gift. A Valentine’s Day gift is one you should give because your love is bursting at the seams. If he is a thoughtful man, he will reciprocate. If he does not, then look for an underlying cause before you take rash decisions.

Ready to blow his mind away with these special gifts I have picked for you? At the number one spot is…

My Top 12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him
1. A Valentine’s Day Cake Inspired by the Country You’d Like to Tour with Him

So this is inspired by the fact that I spent all night researching the top cake recipes in the world and trust me, I learnt a lot. If I were to choose a Valentine’s Day cake for him, it would be the famous Black Forest Cake that Germans so love or the Chocotorta of Argentina.

Don’t be afraid, they are just fancy names for cakes you have seen before. Add a note stating the name of the cake, its origin and why you chose it.

Take for instance my special Valentine’s Day note for the Black Forest Cake:

My love for you is thick as a forest; fresh and evergreen , wild like a tiger and hopeful like a the amazon waiting for the first rays of golden sunshine. I thought to crown it all with this cake, it is called the BFC…and Germany is where I want to go with you someday.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend were romantic as me?

2. Buy Him a Set of Books

This one is a bit tricky because he might actually know what you are planning. Instead, tell him about some famous app that gives premium access to superb books. Tell him to write down a list of books he would like to read so you can check if the app has them…

Now as soon as you have that list, go buy those books, package them nicely and with a bottle of his favourite perfume or wine, you are as good as Cinderella about to marry Prince Charming. See that? I am so smart. If your boyfriend reads my blog, you have to email me for your own special plan

3. Cook or Deliver His Favourite Meal

If you are in a long distance relationship, the best way to love up his taste buds is to get a restaurant or an eatery he loves to deliver his Valentine ’s Day special meal on your behalf.

If however, you want to DIY, then you may have to give up a date with him somewhere romantic and settle for eating indoors. Alternatively, you can decide to have the food delivered while you plan another surprise outing for later..

4. Engraved Wooden Accessories or Gifts

You can shop online for stores that deliver engraved wooden accessories and have them ship or deliver your preferred choice to him on or before Valentine ’s Day.

5. Wireless Headphones or Airpods

If he does not have one of these, then I think you should get him any of the two for a Valentine ’s Day gift. Not only will he appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into picking such a perfect gift. My brother wanted to steal mine. I f I were him, I’ll post this link for the admirers.

6. An Assortment of His Favourite Things

From green tea to African coffee beans to chewing gum and chocolate chips cookies, you can gift him a Valentine ’s Day hamper that simply contain a month’s or two supply of his favourite things. If your man loves green tea, then by all means, let this Valentine ’s Day gift be full of the colour green.

7. Mysterious Pack of Boxers or Socks

Yeah! You can go for the briefs but don’t buy those boring white or depressing black colours. Please! Go colourful, pick something that is vibrant, has patterns or has both.

In addition, when picking socks, try to get him socks that complement the kind of shoes he often wears. I know the perfect person to help you pick men’s wear and accessories. Her name is Debbie and is where she lives.

8. Beard Grooming Kit

If he belongs to the beard gang, this will definitely land you an engagement ring my dear.  It is the equivalent of a girl’s makeup box. Brothers of the beard gang category don’t joke with those bushes I tell you. Support the beard project by gifting your man a Valentine ’s Day beard grooming kit.

9. Send him a personalized Valentine’s Day Speech

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If he is not a romantic at hear, he will probably just skip your message and grunt and say thank you. Make sure he is someone who loves these kinds of things before you receive hurt instead of love. I’m warning you now. If you don’t know what to write, click here to request for a ready-made template free.

10. Have a Video Dinner Date

If you are in a long distance relationship, agree before Valentine ’s Day to have a video dinner date. Talk about all the things you’d like to review about your relationship and know where it is headed.

11. Get Him a Vision Board

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Yes girl! Support his dreams. Also, ensure that you pick the right shade of colour as his living room or bedroom décor.

12. House of Deluxe Valentine’s Day Surprise
The Adebeyes

I mentioned that my friends (Precious and Sharon) and I are on a mission to take your love life to the next level in 2020. Precious is the CEO of House of Deluxe and courtesy of the house, we have a special Valentine’s Day surprise ready for him.

No matter your budget, we can put together a special Valentine’s Day  surprise for your man or (woman). Say hello and I will reply you right away.


That is it for now…a little gossip before I go. Did you know? All I want as a Valentine’s Day Gift is a new laptop. This current baby has served me for four years. I want to give it away and welcome a new one. So, just in case you know my man, kindly help a sister. Thank you!

Let me go prepare my article for the lifestyle category, “10 Books on Parenting Every Young Woman Should Read.”

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