Why Not You, Why Not Now? Dealing With Fear

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We all have one form of it or the other.

“Why not you?” I asked Jay for the umpteenth time. “Why do you think someone else is always better?’

I know there is no answer for that. We just think it.

Their looks.

The way they walk and talk.

Their carriage.

And the charisma.

You think we can never measure up.

You’re wrong.

Why are You Afraid?

Every time I get the opportunity to teach writing, I start by asking my students why they are afraid of publishing that first post.

Fear is a universal response.

Sometimes, the answers are valid, other times, they are simply ‘sdfytedvjjrwfv’ – meaningless excuses.

Why Not You?

Every time something good comes your way, you will it away by wishing it on “someone far more deserving.”  You belittle yourself so much, you cannot stand the face in the mirror.

You hate everything about you but claim to be the most confident person in the room. Wow!

Everyday you run into lifetime opportunities but you look the other way, all the while convincing yourself that it cannot be for you.

Why not you?

There goes the love of your life, trying his best to prove you’re the best thing to have happened since the discovery of slice bread but then again, your demons come singing, “Oh no! Certainly not her.”


How about your all the things you have ever wanted to do? The things you want to be known for and the stuff you’re made of inside that you desperately want to show the world?


Why not you?

Why Not Now?

“I will do it tomorrow.”

Why not now?

“I will tell him tomorrow.”

Why not now?

“I’ll try again some other time.”

“What other time, why not now?”

If we wasted money the way we waste time, we’d all be T- minus bankrupt by now.

I’m sleepy and so I’ll end my impromptu rant with this:

If not today, when?

If not you, who?

If not now when?

Why not you, why not now?

Time flies…sadly you do not have a return ticket.

Do it for you, do it now.

Do it with the fear.

Just do it.

Read my article on “The Imposter Syndrome” to better learn how to accept your flaws and own your wins .

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