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Hello, pretty sister!

A very happy New Year to you from us at Safaya Care! In our first post of the year, we are discussing skin types, and how you can identify yours and know what works for your skin.


The Four Types of Skin

The subject of skin type seems to be a very subjective issue as different beauty experts have categorized the skin into several kinds. Some contradict one another while others sing the same song. Some even say skin types should not be categorized at all. However a vast majority of them seem to agree that there are dry, oily, normal, and a combination of one or two skin types, with the most common type being the combination skin. These are identified as the four major skin types because all other categorizations are secondary to these; as they can still apply to these four, be it acne-prone, wrinkle-prone, or sensitive skin.


How to Know Your Skin Type

One oyibo skincare specialist Jenny Leazer, describes how to identify your own skin type: Wash your face and after some few minutes, check your face and

  • If it feels like it’s lacking for oil, it is likely you have dry skin.
  • If your face feels neither dry nor oily, it is likely you have normal skin.
  • If your face feels oily in some parts and dry/normal in others, it is likely you have combination skin.
  • If your face feels oily all over and all the time, you likely have oily skin.

She also points out that combination skin can start out as dry or normal in the morning, and then become oily towards the end of the day.


Other Factors that May Affect Your Skin Type

As Paula’s Choice Skincare notes, everyone’s skin is sensitive and the environment in which one finds themselves will always have an effect on one’s skin. It is important you treat your skin as sensitive because it is. When the weather gets colder the skin is prone to becoming dryer, that is why in this our harmattan, it is possible for someone who has oily skin not to have an overly shiny face even if she applies some cream. Conversely, a person with dry skin may end up looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost if she doesn’t apply multiple coats of cream than she usually does. You should also keep in mind that your skin is sensitive to certain changes that may be due to hormonal changes or emotional stress. Now you know why your fresh-faced friend Bisi suddenly had those ugly break outs after her big bad break up.


My Skin Lies Between Dry and Oily. What Could Possibly be Wrong?

Sk:n clinic tells us that the type of skin you have depends on the amount of water and oil in your skin. If they are out of balance, your skin will suffer. This implies that your skin will always lie somewhere between dry and oily. The only question is how much oil or dryness is needful? If your skin has too much oil content it would appear shiny, and vice versa.

Dry skin tends to feel itchy and tight, and is more likely to develop fine lines. People with normal skin  type often have nothing to worry about and may use any product without any major repercussion, with their skin smooth to the touch and a generally even complexion. This is the reason you see some people who keep switching between a variety of soaps and creams (which have different types of ingredients) experience little or no changes on their skin. However, when you mistakenly switch to an oil based lotion on your oily skin, a pimple farm may suddenly appear on your face.

Image via Urbanbella


Why You Should Identify Your Skin Type

Identifying your skin type will give you a better idea of how to care for it; which type of products to embrace and which ones to run from. It is advised that those with normal, or combination skin should use products which are labelled “suitable for all skin types.” Those with dry skin are advised to moisturise their skin more often, obviously. While it is recommended that those with oily skin use products with light fluid or gel texture. Subsequent posts from Safaya Care will give you deeper details on how to take care of the different skin types

Do you have questions or contributions concerning this topic? Do share via the comment box or on our page BLACK SAFAYA on Facebook and save a sister(s) from the harmattan. Don’t forget to faya on!

Photography by Osahon


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