YOU vs. Mediocrity: 4 Deadly Attitudes Setting You Up for Failure

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By Ene Adeka

Hey pretty woman!

Are you broke, depressed and angry with yourself and everyone else who tries to smile or wink at you?

Who are the people you spend the most of your time with?

Are you being mentored by people like you, who know next to nothing about success, greatness and avoiding huge failures in life?

Do you even understand the language of opportunities and risks?


I know you have read these many articles online before and you have tried every single one of those step-by-step methods to breaking out of cycles of mediocrity. So far the best you have achieved is the six hours you spend daily on social media gloomily searching for “how to make more money online” or “online jobs that pay”. Have you earned some more or found the jobs?  If your answer is

Hell no! My wallet keeps getting emptier by the day Ene”, read on!


How many times have you failed at “It”?

When I began to write, the first few articles appeared like a piece of bread that had been soaked in salty water! I thought to myself, “Get a degree, get a job and get out,” until I looked around and realized there were few people who had benefitted from that advice. You need more than that university certificate to be happy in life!

I bet your face is all wrinkled up right now…

I tell you the truth and nothing but the truthopportunities, abilities, strengths and ultimately bigger bucks come not from paper but portfolio. The question is what are you currently doing about your portfolio???

Are you a slay queen on social media because it is a whole lot easier to press the camera button than to sit with a book and liberate your mind from the mediocre strongholds keeping you down and wasted? But even slay queens earn money now. So honey, talk to mama. What is your excuse?

Is the fear of failure keeping you from trying again? Hmmmmm?


Discover the 5 deadly attitudes setting you up for failure

Steve Jobs, the founder and CEO of Apple discovered a way out of his endless cycles of depression when he decided to take the bull by the horns and dare to be different. Did he fail?

Many times honey but today wouldn’t you rather love have an iPhone for a Christmas gift? Fear of failure, cycles of mediocrity and massive disappointments are some of the few things that keep us from achieving great things but like Steve, you can also dare to be different. I bring you help from the stables of Black Safaya. Last week I began to expose you to that killer best friend called Mediocrity. If you haven’t read it, click here right away!

Babes, you have got to break up or break out if you are to amount to anything in life. Aren’t you tired of making Mark Zuckerberg rich every single time you log into that Facebook or Instagram account? Haba! You also deserve a share of those billions or don’t you think so?

Unless you change your game, honey you and your whole gang are about to walk into a life of endless cycles of wants and needs with your eyes wide open. Don’t let your ignorance become someone else’s money funnel. Soooooo…taking it up from last week where I talked on your ASSOCIATIONS here is:


Attitude 1: You are thinking small

I know you don’t think you fall into this category but when was the last time you ever tried something different? You just want to marry, have kids, grow fat and die?

Babes! Please have mercy on yourself and begin to dream. Enroll in that catering class or start that new business. If this option is too hard, please convert your fans into subscribers and earn some cool cash every single time they click or log on to your Page. That is what Zucker does after all!

Attitude 2: You are being mentored by the same people who got you into this mess

An old African proverb says, “It is impossible for one finger to steal something oily and not rub it off on the other four.”

Are you still waiting for me to explain? If the five important people in your life live and breathe mediocrity, honey, get out, break off and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrun for your life! You must find, listen and do what the people you admire do. If the people you admire are not focused on becoming successful influencers and leaders of thoughts in their chosen field of endeavor, what did I say?


Attitude 3: You’re listening to the majority

The majority do not always win the vote sweetheart. They are most times majorly wrong. Run away from popular opinion, investigate whoever or whatever you want to get involved with or in before you sell your future for a miserable piece of shabby water advice. In other words, “Look before you leap.” Let me give you the five things you need to major on:

The Books you read. Click here to find our recommended books for a better you.

The Mentors you listen to or follow.

You (build confidence and good communication skills)

Your Relationship (with people and with God)

Your time (Never major on the minor)

Attitude 4: You are not thinking about the future

Nobody is ever going to be as interested in your life as you would. My advice, stop depending on the boyfriend or husband to keep sending you airtime and begin to plan you can earn and make him happy. A birthday gift for him would surely raise your standards and your love rating mama!


Before I get out of your faces, last week we all agreed to go clean up house and close shop on some people and destructive habits. Did you? Share with us how you did it or if you are still struggling with a decision, hit the comment box and talk to us.

Next week, I’ll come your way with the last thing needed to help you kill mediocrity. Until then, find the right association and remember your attitude matters.

Faya on girl!

Photography by Rotimi Okungbaye

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