Your Relationships are Important – Make Time for Them

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By Iyin

We live in a busy world and it’s so easy to go with the flow forgetting about everything else. After all, there are important meetings to attend, huge deals to seal, urgent assignments to complete, plenty of work to do. At the end of the day we are left drained, exhausted, and not really having time for much else.

Life has its way of placing so many demands on us that if we’re not careful we’ll chase after all these demands forgetting about the people in our lives and the relationships we have with them only to realize later that these things really didn’t matter as much as the people around us do.


People are the spice of life.

People add colour, flavour, excitement and beauty to life, you just pick the colours and flavours you want to keep in your life and drop the rest. Without relationships this world will be a rather drab place to be in and not much will make sense. As the saying goes, no man is an island; so we need each other to reach our various destinations in life.


Many of us have lost relationships that mattered due to sheer negligence and it hurt but it’s never too late to mend a broken relationship as far as you both are dedicated to make it work. Building relationships that last is not an easy task as it requires plenty of time and effort, forgiveness, communication, sacrifices, appreciation, and all that comes with intimacy but it is well worth your while. So here are some reasons why good relationships are important:


7 Importance of Relationships

1. Relationships fulfill our desire to be loved. It’s a natural thing to desire to be loved and not something to be ashamed of. Love keeps you going at your lowest points and what’s better than having people who love you all around you each and every step of the way in life?

2. Relationships provide you with a support system. Let’s face it, we all need support at one point or the other in life because life isn’t a bed of roses and we cannot always be on a high. But it’s so much easier to pass through tough times when you know you have shoulders to lean on and hands to lift you up when you’re down.

It provides you with people who can relate with your issues because they’re either passing through those same issues at that time or they’ve been through it before.

3. Relationships make you happier. With love and support comes happiness. Nobody wants to live a sad life, we all want to be happy, and people that have healthier relationships tend to be happier than people that don’t. When you’re happier you tend to live a less stressful life and therefore tend to be healthier.

4. Relationships help you achieve your purpose, dreams and hopes in life. No one can successfully pass through this life without the help and input of others. When you build good relationships, you have people to help you along the way.

They can teach you the best ways to go about certain things, give you advice when you’re stuck, warn you of impending danger ahead, show you ways to help you not repeat the same mistakes they’ve made, give you referrals etc. The journey of life is just made so much easier with the right relationships in place.

5. Relationships are a great way to impact lives. One of the biggest accomplishments anybody can have in life is having a positive impact on people – directly or indirectly and relationships are a great avenue to achieve this.

It’s awesome when you know that you’ve done things for people or with people that have helped them become better people or impact other lives. If you have no relationships you can’t really have anyone to affect positively.

7. Relationships are what matter on the long run. When all is said and done and you’re all old and grey, when your level of busyness has reduced, those relationships you’ve built over the years will keep you going. When all the pressure and demands from life reduces and you can now see clearly then you’ll realize that relationships were what was most important.


As important as building relationships is, it’s also important to remember to build the right kind of relationships, not relationships that’ll pull you down and tear down your self-esteem and self-worth gradually but those that build you up and affirm your worth. And remember to be someone that others will want to a build lasting relationship with 😉


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