Sweetness Cakes: A Journey of Faith, Family and Focus

Sweetness Cakes: A Journey of Faith, Family and Focus

Meet wife, mother and entrepreneur, Mrs. Hope Mari, the woman behind Sweetness Cakes, a baking and confectionery company based in Kaduna, Nigeria.

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Ene Elizabeth Adeka: As it is Written of Me
Safaya Writers

Ene Elizabeth Adeka: As it is Written of Me

Sometimes our lives are like my empty word document waiting to be filled up with the right amount of success, inspiration, achievements, people and love.  But what happens when these things don’t come and you have a white canvas taunting you?

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Premarital Sex: Should We Talk About It?

Premarital Sex: Should We Talk About It?

Premarital sex can be a very awkward topic to discuss especially in this our popular pop culture that shies away from discussing anything that looks controversial. However, when it comes to intimacy and sexual desires, what you don’t want to be caught doing is sitting on the fence.

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Mentorship: Why Mentors Ignore You and How You Can Change That

Mentorship: Why Mentors Ignore You and How You Can Change That

Mentorship can save you time, money and even your life. A person is not your mentor if you despise or ignore their instructions.

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Safaya Writers: Our Writing Services and Community

Safaya Writers know writing is hard! But only if you’re doing something wrong. 

That is why we help you hit “publish” faster! That’s our story…helping you go from blank page to content guru faster than you can hit enter!

At Safaya Writers, our awesome family treat you and your project with the utmost respect and confidentiality.  Your manuscript or idea is safe with us should you decide to work with us! 

Have you ever written “who’s” instead of “whose” or “been” instead of “being”? How about “bear” where you were required to “bare” it all?

We  have been there…that is why we promise not to bare it all as we take on your project. We exist to save you from these petty but costly mistakes! 

Our team of young and vibrant writers, editors, freelancers and writing instructors are ready to discuss your next project!

And you’ll have fun all the way!

Our Writing Services
Are you:

1. An author 2. Aspiring Writer 3. Content Creator 4. Blog or Small Business 5. Freelance Writer 6. Writing Service 7. Organization or Individual looking to hire writing services?

Safaya Writing Services offer:

  1. Ghostwriting Services (eBooks, articles, etc.).
  2. Editing and Proofreading.
  3. Formatting services for Amazon Kindle and other self publishing outfits.
  4.  Copywriting.
  5. Mentorship for aspiring authors and writer.

At Safaya Writers, there is a solution for everyone! To hire a writing service, contact Energie.

Safaya Writers, Founder
Ene Elizabeth Adeka
Join Black Safaya 
We can’t wait to have you on the team!

Do you have an article, video clip, story or any other creative piece you believe will be beneficial to our community?

Everyday, we try as much as we can to help young writers gain visibility by giving them a platform to showcase their work.

Safaya Writers give you an opportunity to  be part of our creative family. Here’s how:

  1. You can become a regular contributor on the blog writing on relationships, Lifestyle , Safaya Stories or Safaya Writers categories.
  2. Also, you can apply to become one of our guest bloggers.
  3. Join  our free writing community on WhatsApp, Pained to paid writers.

For contributors and guest bloggers, kindly send your email to the editor at eneadeka@blacksafaya.com.


Writing is so much fun with Safaya Writers!

Article and Contribution Requirements

  1. Your article or story should be in-depth on one particular topic and must be in line with our themes (relationships, motivation and writing).

  2. The word count for your article should be between 500 – 1000 words.

  3. All articles must be original and plagiarism free.

  4. Poorly written and edited article(s) stand little chance of being published.

  5. We recommend the use of short paragraphs for easy reading.

  6. You can add links to other quality websites or to your own website in your article.

  7. Also include a short (2 sentences max) bio and a social media link(s) along with your article.

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Read. Write. Publish..Safaya Writers

We look forward to reading your creative piece!

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