12 Ways to Purposefully Finish 2019 and Start 2020

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2019 is the end of the decade and 2020, the beginning of another decade! It’s so good to resume writing on the blog again after a loooooong period of silence!

As I type this, I am leaving my city to another; where I grew up. I haven’t been home in almost two years and this trip, though long overdue is nevertheless never late.

The woman besides me keep trying to strike a conversation…first she said, “May God take us home safely.”

“Amen,” I answered with a tight-lipped smile.

Next, she lifted up her clothes to breastfeed. We locked eyes and she said smiled apologetically.


I sip my cold  La Casera and munch on my Pure Bliss Cocoa Biscuits. It’s going to be a long ride home,

But enough about me…

How are you and how prepared are you for the holidays? Before you run off with a list of all the magnificent things you’d love to achieve next year, sit down! Evaluate 2019, how did you do?

I decided to write this post so you don’t fall for that “New Year, New Me” routine.  Before we dive into 2020, here are 12 ways to purposefully finish 2019 and Start 2020.

12 Ways to Purposefully Finish 2019 and Start 2020

Before you run off with a list of all the magnificent things you’d love to achieve next year, sit down! Evaluate 2019, how did you do?

Are those achievements we applauded you for really worth the applause? Yes we celebrated your achievements but how does it add another block to the career, relationship and life you’re building? I shouldn’t run ahead of myself. At the number one spot:

1. Review Your Spirituality

If you’re new on the blog, we believe in God, amen to Jesus. So, top on the list is your faith. How did you and Big Daddy do this year?

Still running like Jonah? You just might end up in the belly of the fish in 2020. I’ll recommend a blog to help you grow spiritually:

Ene Why do I have to be Spiritual?

Fam! Every outstanding  result you seek  has a spirit component to it. I tell you the truth and I lie not. Consistency is a spirit, Excellence is a spirit, Diligence is a spirit, Creativity is a spirit…you need to partner with these spirits to take home the prize.

And what other way is there to partner with these spirits  if not through Big Daddy who is the Father of all spirits?

2. Give Out 12 Items

Giving is therapeutic. It makes room for more, helps you conquer greed and qualifies you for a blessing. It is true that givers never lack; they truly don’t. Recently, Bae sent a picture of J.K Rowling and her millions.

Last year she dropped down the list of richest people in the world because she made a mind-blowing philanthropic move but guess what? The money still found its way back to her. That’s what happens when you give. It returns bigger and better.

3. Be Thankful

Make a list of people who made the tough times in 2019 easy to go through and another list of those who made the special moments count.

Think of the times when you needed a good cry, ask yourself who was still standing beside you at such times. Now let them know exactly how much they mean to you. I mean, say it that way. Give them the THANK YOU they deserve.

4. Sever Ties You Ought to

Get those scissors ready because we’re about to cut some times. From the Ex who keeps coming back for goodbye sex to the one who still believes you were meant for each other, girl! You have got to stay woke!

How about the jobs that almost killed us this year? The friend who keeps hurting us and that person you need to let go of?
If severing ties will hurt, let it hurt now and let the new year begin on a note of healing.

5. Write Down 5 Things You Did Excellently This Year

While it is unhealthy to dwell on past victories, it is good to reminisce and set those goals a bit higher next year. It is also healthy to stop and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done well, acknowledge it.

6. Write Down the Things You Didn’t Do but Wish You Did

In the same way you made a list of things you did, take notes on the ones you said you’d do but didn’t get around to doing. Plan 2020 with them in mind.

7. Make a List of Skills You Need to Get Better At

I divided this one into hard and soft skills. From learning how to code to exceptional culinary skills to learning how to love people better, this is one list you must not skip.

8. Opt Out of those Useless Emails and Subscriptions

Even if they are from me! It does not mean we are not relevant, it simply means you have outgrown the value we provide. Not only will it feel like you decluttered your life, it would also help alleviate the pressure off you.

9. Sit with Your Financial Statement for the Year

Most people have every discussion except the one that involves money. You need to stop avoiding the money talks and really begin to put mental, emotional and business structures in place to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

10. Ditch a Toxic Belief

Men are thrash!
Women are bitches!
I’m ugly!
Everyone hates me!
Stop it…that’s not you. Ditch those demonic and devilish self-affirmations and beliefs.

11. Forgive Others and Yourself

I have a rule I use to bring myself under control whenever I’m about to let out some steam:
“If it won’t matter in the next 5 years, why spend 5 days ranting?”

12. Be Choosy

For some of us, this is the decade we’ll marry, have children, build businesses and exemplary homes. Please be choosy!

Choose that spouse well.
Choose that “family friend” well.
Choose that job well.
Choose those habits well.

1. Build a Library

One of the greatest blessings of my childhood was my father’s library. In 2017, I promised myself I’d buy a new book every month. And although I skipped some months, I nevertheless I’m building a library I’m proud of. Visit Stephen’s blog to get good book recommendations.

2. Build a family Tradition with Your Significant Other

Like I said, this is the decade we’ll be mothers, fathers, aunties and uncles. Decide on a family tradition with your significant other and begin to cultivate it.

So there, you have it: 12 Ways to Purposefully Finish 2019 and Start 2020! Add yours in the comment section!


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    This is so helpful… Thanks a million for this! It’s never to late to get a miracle!

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