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Be so much smarter…

Your smartphone can do more than just take selfies! You can conquer the world one click or swipe at a time assuming you know, have and can successfully maximize the right tools.

From creating compelling to-do-list to executing swift bank transfers, we have become so dependent on the apps installed in our smart phones to make daily living an easy task.  The possibilities of what we can do with our smart phones are increasing at a very fast pace.

From the slay queen who shares filtered and posh pictures on Instagram for pleasure to those who are on Facebook to stay connected with old friends or to make new ones to the business executive looking to build a brand on twitter or create an employable presence on Linkedin, these apps undoubtedly make our lives easy and better.

How Well Do You Know Your Apps?
With so many apps out there, the tendency to get lost in your phone or even under utilize its amazing functionalities can drive you insane. This is where I breeze in like your knight in shining armour…


I have taken time to research apps signed, sealed and endorsed by all of us at Black Safaya that will not only keep you posh and pristine but also increase your efficiency and productivity.  Impress the boss or the guy with these suave apps and watch your life go from boring to amazing. This is not a tutorial on how to use these apps but a glimpse into what you can do with them. Are you ready????


15 Apps That Simplify Difficult Tasks

Number 15: ES File Explore
Sorry to disappoint but we are not starting with a photo editing app. Yikes! We are looking for apps that make life easy for you and your phone too. ES File Explorer boasts of being the world’s number 1 file manager but that is not why it is sitting on the top of our list. I’ll tell you why.

Have you ever received or downloaded a file only to spend hours looking for it? I know that frustrating feeling, where you have no other choice than to technically receive or download the file again. But this is in the past.

With ES File Explorer, you can keep in chronological order a log of all you’ve downloaded and received from every source. Each file has a date or timestamp, and a visible address to its location in your phone. It ranges from seconds to minutes, and to days.

View memory space, and easily identify  the files that are occupying the largest spaces on your phone. You can go on to view details and delete duplicate or big files on your phone.

There are many other features you will find as you explore the ES File Explorer.


Number 14: My Calendar – Period Tracker
The embarassment of having to deal with sudden blood stains simply because you couldn’t keep track of your period! But it shouldn’t be so any more.

My Calendar – Period Tracker keeps track of your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and fertile days and provides you with information like rise in body temperature as a signal to go get your sanitary pads ready if you don’t have any.

This saves you the trouble of having stains on your clothes in public. It also tells you when you are most likely to get pregnant should you attempt some behind-closed-door activity. Simply download the app from Google Playstore and fill in the details of when you had your last period and voila! You’re set to take on the world.


Number 13: Google Go

Tech giant and everyone’s “hero” Google, released this App to specifically solve the problem of high cost of internet data and poor connectivity in Africa. It claims to reduce the amount of data needed to show search results by 40%!

The interesting fact is that it is way faster than any other browser. It also provides you with a lite version of any website you visit from the search results and another option to view the original site of you don’t like the lite version which uses lesser data.
As you type in the search box, it automatically brings the best search result.

Number 12: Snapseed

Go from a amateur to professional looking pictures with this app. Specially developed by Google to help you edit and transform your pictures from beast mode to beauty unrivalled, you can’t go wrong with this one.


It boasts of 29 suave tools from healing to perspective to brushing and many more all for your manipulations and ingenious creativity. What are you still waiting for? Personally, Snapseed has been more than handy.

Number 11: Xodo docs
This one is for the book lovers …if you’re a lover of PDF books then this is the best reading app you can find anywhere. But that’s not all, it is also an editor!

This means you can rearrange pages if you want to, save a copy of a doc document as PDF and even connect to Google Drive among many others. Underline, highlight, add notes, and comments. You can easily lookup the meaning of words or translate words from other languages to English.

Number 10: Canva
Canva!!!! Sorry for the little show of love but Canva is BAE (Before Any thing Else). Canva is everyone’s go-to tool. There’s so much  you can do with it from post designs to exotic flyers or unique banners all tailored into smashing templates that can suit any and every business, fun activity or doodling. With Canva, you can design like a pro without having to think of colour pallettes or the usual headaches that accompany graphic designs.


So, I hastily designed this to show you an example of what you can do. There are templates for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts there. You will also find banners and flyers you can modify for to fit your purpose. This could be ads for or promote or just a birthday. You’ll be amazed by what you can do with this app.


Ok. There you have the first 6 apps. You can rock the world with them. Next week we’ll come your way with more…ever heard of Evernote??? OK! I’m getting ahead of myself…If you think that there’s any app that should have made the list, don’t hesitate to notify us in the comment section. Until then, faya on!

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