Long Distance Relationships : How to Avoid Fights

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By Lucia | 5 Mins Read

We have all had times in our relationships when we sometimes argue and disagree on some matters. It is perfectly normal and when we learn to settle our differences amicably, our relationship grows stronger.

Things are kind of different in a long distance relationship because you both are apart and the strain of that absence is an added disadvantage. There is nothing wrong when you both disagree on issues but its dangerous when it turns into heated fights. Being in a long distance relationship means you need to be extra careful and sensitive because sometimes the stress of being apart can take its toll.

It is somewhat easier for you to resolve issues when you can see each other but being in a long distance relationship is a different ball game. It is always best to avoid fights rather than try to resolve them when they occur so here are a few tips on how to avoid fights in a long distance relationship.

1. Learn the art of gentle speaking
Shouting at your partner in the name of communication is not necessary and can cause emotions to flare up. This goes especially for us ladies. Learn the art of “the soft spoken word.” Most times, you have to be the one who calms him down.

As a lady, you set the emotional tone of your relationship. Communicate your worries or concerns without shouting at each other. Ladies, be gentle and submissive and for the men, learn to listen. Women express their feelings through talking so you need to listen to know what she wants. This goes for both parties.

2. Never use abusive words on each other
You do not have to demean or insult each other before you get your opinions across. Abusive words foster anger and resentment. Learn how to talk without hurting each other with words even when you are angry. Words once spoken can never be taken back and hurtful words can live in our hearts for a really long time.

3. Don’t pay attention to gossip
There is nothing as terrible and that can cause brutal fights like gossip. If you hear “something” about your partner, it’s not enough to dial his or her number and start breathing out accusations.

Trust your partner enough to talk to him or her about it calmly and sincerely.
Gossip is insidious and a big relationship breaker. Don’t let it destroy your beautiful relationship. Do not believe everything you hear.

4. Always maintain steady and constant communication
Communication is key to the success of any relationship at all including even our relationship to Our Heavenly Father. Never be too busy for your partner no matter what. Communication can ease the strain of being apart.

5. Understand each other
When you know the things your partner likes and dislikes, what makes him or her happy or angry, it will be so much easier to avoid fights and unnecessary arguments.

6. Remember the magic words
These five words will help you not only avoid fights but also help your relationship grow better.

1. Please
2. Thank You
3. I’m Sorry
4. God Bless You
5. I Love You

Don’t just say “Sorry”, go a step further and say “I’m sorry for (insert what may have gone wrong).”

Telling someone you love them can never go out of fashion and saying “Please” reminds us of how well your momma trained you.

Relationships require hardwork, perseverance, patience, forgiveness, commitment, trust and ultimately love. It is very possible for you both to enjoy a relationship free of fighting and quarrelling if you take the time to cultivate these virtues. Once you obey these tips listed above, you will be on your way to a blissful and beautiful relationship.

Are you in a LDR? How do you avoid fights, share with us in the comment section.

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